Previously on Comics: What Happens in Secret Library Cabal…

I guess this was Thanksgiving or shopping weekend or something for Americans? I don’t know. I’m Canadian and I eat my turkey in October and do my Christmas shopping in August like a responsible consumer. In the meantime, stuff has been happening in the comics world.

What Happens in Secret Library Cabal…

Comicsgate spokesperson Ethan Van Sciver knows how to take one remote experience and turn it into full on propaganda. Apparently, according to EVS, librarians enjoy significant influence over comics publishing companies. Comics historian, librarian educator, Dr. Carol Tilley and several actual librarians indicate otherwise.

EVS: "Yep! A little bit. Now it gets even worse when libraries actually influence what it is that comic companies publish. Not talking about PSA comics, but straight up entertainment comics. And they DO THAT." Dr. Tilley: "Um. That's not how libraries work. Pretty sure that's not how comics publishers work either"WWAC asked some of our own librarian colleagues for further insight, but they refused to divulge further details, indicating ominously that “there are rules…” before donning the hoods of their cloaks and chanting ominously in an unintelligible language.

When Mainstream Media Notices

Piracy is a continuing issue with many industries, but comic creators have been speaking up about it online recently, having grown tired of the excuses they keep hearing justifying the digital theft. Mainstream media is now reporting on this as a “rising” problem.

Chinese Politics vs Batman

DC Comics has pulled a poster for an upcoming Batman title after Chinese nationals condemned the image of Batman holding a molotov cocktail for allegedly referencing the black-clad Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters.

Batman prepares to throw a molotov cocktail with the words "The future is young" in large pink letters in the backgroundThe image was deleted from DC’s social media, but, according to Bleeding Cool, the cover for Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight: Golden Child #1, drawn by Rafael Grampa, will not change. But the social media deletions means that DC Comics joins AT&T, Blizzard Entertainment, and Disney in the growing number of large companies who continue to submit to the Chinese government’s political pressures.


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  1. "…the social media deletions means that DC Comics joins…in the growing number of large companies who continue to submit to the Chinese government’s political pressures."

    Man, remember back in the Obama years when he was constantly criticized for showing even the TINIEST of respectful gestures to foreign heads of state, and he was frequently called a "traitor" for merely engaging in basic diplomacy? All these organizations are bending over to hostile foreign powers for things that actually matter, and none of the fanboys, politicians or pundits bat an eye. Ah, double standards…

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