Knit Your Comics: Jessica Jones-Inspired Infinity Scarf

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I love the Marvel Netflix series Jessica Jones. Full disclosure: the comics themselves haven’t appealed to me, but I’m a huge fan of the show and in particular Krysten Ritter’s portrayal of Jessica Jones. Being a knitter, I immediately wanted to knit Jessica’s infinity cowl since the very first promotional image still. (And learn how to give such great side eye, but that’s another story.)

Promotional image from the Netflix Marvel series Jessica Jones

With Season 2 set to premiere March 8th (with every single episode directed by a woman), and with Emerald City Comic Con happening in a particularly chilly March, I thought that ECCC would be the perfect weekend to bust out some casual Jessica Jones cosplay and knit my own version of Jessica’s cowl (that can also double as a makeshift mask if you’re trying to hide your civilian identity).

From The Defenders (source).

Cosplaying Jessica Jones isn’t something I would do if her iconic style wasn’t something I already had in my closet anyway. The only thing I was missing was the cowl itself. It took a little searching to find out the exact cowl used on the show, but I did eventually find it thanks to helpful people on the internet. You can view pictures of the Wyatt Light Heather Gray Seed Knit Wool Blend “Minerva” Infinity Cowl on Bluefly, but it is currently unavailable.

Luckily the high resolution images (and the fact that “seed” is in the item description) were enough for me to figure out that the ribbed, waffle-y, honeycomb texture is the double seed stitch. And rather than just knitting an exact replica, I wanted to make the scarf a tribute to not only Jessica Jones, but Krysten Ritter herself, who is an avid knitter and favors the bulky quick-knit projects in particular. She even has a kit and pattern for her own bulky infinity cowl and taught Charlie Cox how to knit when they were on set for The Defenders.


So this is my bulky version of Jessica’s cowl. I call it the Classy Cowl because of this exchange between Luke Cage, Danny Rand and Jessica Jones in The Defenders:

Luke: I wanted to help one kid. One family. I’m the first to admit when I’m in over my head, and this is way past my threshold.

Danny: What are you talking about? Bulletproof. Blind ninja. Whatever it is you are.

Jessica: Classy.

Enjoy! And stay classy. You can find the Ravelry download link here.

Difficulty: Advanced Beginner. Must be able to knit, purl, do a provisional cast on, use kitchener stitch, and weave in ends.

Yarn: Bulky yarn in as close to a heathered steel gray as you can manage. I used three skeins of Premier Serenity Chunky Heathers in Smoke Gray which I bought at Joann Fabrics but which doesn’t seem to be listed on their website anymore. I picked it because of the color, but also because it’s acrylic and will have a nice soft drape, which I wanted to mimic the soft drape of the cowl in the show. Pro tip: wool won’t drape. It’s also not machine washable, which for me is a must for anything I expect to actually wear a lot.

Needles and Gauge: Not crucial for this project but will affect the overall size of the scarf. My gauge is so loose it’s a full needle size down from the suggested needle size, which means I was working on US 10.5 (6.5mm) needles. You may need to size up to get a soft drape if you are a tight knitter.

Cast on an odd number of stitches (I chose thirty-seven) with waste yarn to make a cowyak provisional cast on.

Switch to your main color and knit one row before beginning the pattern. This will be the row you use when you kitchener stitch the two edges of the scarf together.

Begin Double Seed Stitch pattern. I used this chart for the Double Seed Stitch:

Knit until you have about three feet of yarn left.

Note: Switch skeins at the end or beginning of a row since the garter stitch edging makes it easy to weave in the ends.


Remove the provisional cast on and pick up thirty-seven stitches.

Use kitchener stitch to seam the ends together. Yes, this will make a slightly visible deviation from the pattern, but is much more comfortable than other ways of seaming. Weave in ends.

Be a badass.

Kate Tanski

Kate Tanski

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2 thoughts on “Knit Your Comics: Jessica Jones-Inspired Infinity Scarf

  1. Yes, wool does drape. And it is machine washable if you use superwash. Probably should dry flat, however.
    Bonus: wool won’t make you sweaty cause it breathes. It insulates against cold or too much heat. It is anti-bacterial. Lastly, it won’t melt should you be in a fire.
    At least use a blend. Lion Brand has Thick ‘n Quick -20% wool, 80 acrylic-in that color.
    Sock- Ease basically the same but you’ll need a double strand. However, these are subject to melting in extreme heat due to the high acrylic content.
    You are putting in a lot of hours Knitting-use good wool.

    1. Thanks for your comment! I chose an acrylic wool for this pattern based on the reasons I listed (acrylic ALWAYS drapes more than wool), but also for financial reasons. Not every knitter has the budget to spend $100 or more on the bulky weight wool that this pattern would require, and beginner knitters probably shouldn’t.

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