Countdown to Doomsday Clock: Geoff Johns Releases First Six Pages

There is no doubt about the excitement revolving around Geoff Johns’ and Gary Franks’ Doomsday Clock as it nears its November release date, but after the reveal of the first six pages Watchmen fans are sure to be rushing to the shelves.

Despite the eerily familiar tone, apparent from the first panel, Johns has presented Doomsday Clock in a very different light from where the Watchmen series left off

And despite Johns setting the narrative in 1992 (just seven years after the end of Watchmen) the circumstances are hauntingly similar to the state of the world now, including collusions with Russia, impending war, and political unrest in the masses.

Naturally, along with that unrest comes the reappearance of faces that long time fans have become accustomed to (though they may not be what’s expected).

Discussing the comic in a lecture-style overview of the first set of pages on Thursday, Johns mentioned that this was one of the most personal stories he’s worked on. Frank’s art, stark black and white and oversized on the walls, fits impressively into the tight 9×9 panel pages that Dave Gibbons stuck to in the original comic, but doesn’t feel like a total re-read.

Needless to say, Doomsday Clock will be a countdown well worth waiting for, for both longtime DC fans as well as new readers just delving in to the vast DC universe.

Doomsday Clock will be available November 22, 2017.

Chloe Maveal

Chloe Maveal

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