Submissions Open for “We Told You”, a Joss Whedon Zine

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Bleating Heart Press is making a zine! We Told You is a 50-page zine about the problematic work and activism of writer, director and producer, Joss Whedon.

When Whedon’s ex-wife Kai Cole wrote about the breakdown of their marriage, dozens of think pieces were published examining his most recent works and the too common trend of famous male feminists revealing themselves as manipulative and insincere. Long running fansite Whedonesque shuttered and hundreds of fans saw their affection for his work die. For many, Cole’s letter came as a shock. But not for all of us.

We Told You will look at the decades of intersectional feminist critique, and just plain disbelieving anger, that has existed alongside the narrative of Joss Whedon, perfect male feminist. Essays will include close examinations of particular works and recurring trends (waifish, emotionally vulnerable heroines; misogynistic nerds as author avatars; the racist underpinnings of Firefly), as well as his legacy as a producer and celebrity male feminist.

We Told You will include original and reprinted essays, comics and illustrations by Claire Napier (Women Write About Comics), Angel Cruz (The Learned Fangirl), Veronique Emma Houxbois (Comicosity), C.P. Hoffman (BookRiot) and more.


We are accepting pitches for essays, comics and original illustration for We Told You So. Essays should be about 1500 words long. Comics and illustration should be in black and white and no more than two pages.

We are aiming for a quick turnaround with this zine, so previously published pieces will be accepted. However, you should be willing to work with Megan Purdy, the zine editor, to update the piece for republication.

To pitch original essays, comics and illustrations you should should include a one sentence summary of of your idea, bullet points of your argument in rough, and a link to your portfolio or past work.

The zine will be sold digitally on Gumroad after our Kickstarter concludes. A print run will be built into the Kickstarter as a stretch goal. All contributors will be paid, starting at $30/page for essays and $50/page for art and comics. Raises for contributors will be our first and most important Kickstarter stretch goal.

Submit a pitch by sending an email to with the subject line Pitch: We Told You.

Important Dates

Pitches: August 29

Kickstarter: September 1st

First Drafts Due: September 12

Megan Purdy

Megan Purdy

Publisher of all this. Megan was born in Toronto. She's still there. Philosopher, space vampire, heart of a killer.

7 thoughts on “Submissions Open for “We Told You”, a Joss Whedon Zine

  1. I’m kind of impressed/surprised that someone would exude so much effort to produce a spiteful/vindictive publication (see: title of upcoming publication) around a creator (especially when he really didn’t do anything objectively terrible? (CHEATING ON YOUR PARTNER IS BASIC HUMAN NATURE. It is not an attack on a gender!). Also maybe I need to go back and reread the letter of Whedon’s ex-wife – all I gleaned from it was that he was having affairs with younger actresses (basically just acting really human? Sad but true.) (Also remember that she got cheated on. She is bitter/hardly an objective source.)

    I guess ppl are just mad because he called himself a feminist. It would have probably been better for him (and most men who haven’t become sexless, suppressed/submissive automatons) to just outright label themselves as misogynists and take the heat, so they don’t get the backlash of trying to live up to some unrealistic/unattainable ‘feminist’ standard.

    If you don’t allow for imperfections/mistakes in your ideology, then you drive people to look for other communities etc.

    Also very confused about people’s hierarchy of important things to contribute towards. There are a million actual things you could do to advance feminism, but you get hung up on some guy for, I dunno, being a covert misogynist disguising as a feminist? Please. But I guess it’s nice to whip yourself up into some kind of righteous anger. Feels like you are doing something to advance the cause when you are actually just kind of patting each other on the back for being supposedly righteous.

    1. “basically just acting really human?”

      Well, that says more about you than about Whedon. But I’m none too surprised… lots of his dudebro fans are handwaving his disgusting misogyny and have been for years because they, too, are scum that would cheat on their wives and manipulative vulnerable young women over whom they have power into fucking them.

  2. ^ Whiny Joss stan spotted.

    Yes, I’m sure you care so, so much about Kai Cole. Right. GMAFB.

    1. LOL I really don’t care about Joss, I like his works, that doesn’t mean I like him as a person since, you know, I DON’T KNOW HIM. And I feel sorry for Cole and what she’s been through. Of course, since I don’t know her either, I can’t say that I care about her like she was one of my friends or family members. I just hope she can get better and feel better (and apparently she’s already starting to do so, as proved by the article she wrote).

  3. Honestly, it IS a bit wrong using someone else’s private life and personal, awful, experience just to prove a point. Epecially if you call something like this “We told you so” (really, you sound like a little kid). And even if it’s just a way to criticize Whedon’s work, it still spurs from this terrible news (not to mention the fact that, while I don’t think his ex-wife is lying, we don’t know the whole story and there could more to it). Of course, Cole could be totally ok with it and might have seen it coming. But she could also find it disrespectful. Not to mention the timing, it’s not even passed a week and you’re already capitalizing on it. By the way, it’s not like those “stans” had their “head up their asses for years”. It’s just that people don’t usually accuse someone of being a terrible person without proof. That and the fact that like it or not, it is hard to accept the fact that someone whose content you like and enjoy might actually be a bad person. (Well, I’m not talking about extreme cases here, like someone committing a crime). And justified to do what, exactly? Not being childish, immature people looking for every possible reason to insult someone else they don’t even know because of something they don’t like in their works? (And I’m not talking about constructive criticisism, but actual insults, which are two very different things)

  4. I am so appreciative that you’re titling your zine “We Told You So.” I am seeing so, so much whining in SJ spaces about how saying you knew Joss was an abusive, sexist asshole all along is not only “smug” and “unhelpful,” but “just like” blaming an abuse victim for not having spotted her abuser right off the bat. And … no, it’s like pointing out to Bill Cosby or Woody Allen stans that they’ve had their heads up their asses for years. But “Buffy” gave them their first feminist feels evah, so they’re totally justified. Gah. Anyway, good luck with the zine!

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