Previously on Comics: Anticipated Adaptations and Fighting Stigmas

Hi readers! Welcome to the first Previously On Comics of 2017! I hope you had a lovely and restful holiday season. Alas, comics news never rests so let’s get started.

Are you an Attack on Titan fan who’s been dying for the second season of the anime? I completely understand. Three years is a long time to wait. But guess what? FUNimation released a trailer for the upcoming season slated to begin in April!

What did you think? Are you hyped for the Titan-slaying action that’s to come?

Speaking of adaptations, Luc Besson’s anticipated Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets has led to a full reprint of the original comic. The first volume is scheduled to ship in June. Apparently, it’s never gained popularity in the U.S. but hopefully that’ll change with the film’s release. A 50-year-old run is no joke!

It may be 2017, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t free of certain social stigmas. Case in point: menstruation. As many people who have periods know, we have to deal with lots of nonsense. We’re told it’s not to be discussed in public. In the United States, commercials for tampons and pads can be rather mysterious. No, seriously! If you didn’t already know what tampons and pads were used for, would you actually understand what these commercials were advertising? In other parts of the world, the advent of menstruation leads to social isolation and shame. Thankfully, some people are committed to changing that, such as the creators of this Indian comic book.

In other international news, Saudi Arabia is getting their own comic-con. How exciting! The annual convention will be launching this February.

Overwatch fans, this one’s for you. The latest comic revealed that Tracer is a lesbian. It’s nice to have something confirmed rather than teased or winked at. Enough subtext! Give us text! Unfortunately, this revelation isn’t without repercussions. Because of Russia’s Gay Propaganda Law, Blizzard will not be releasing the comic in the federation. Oh well.

Other headlines of interest:

  • Love is Love, a comic celebrating love, unity, and the LGBTQ community hits comic book stores in December. All proceeds benefit victims and families affected by the Pulse nightclub shooting in June. It’s even been receiving local news coverage, which is lovely to see since this is something that pertains to everyone, not just the comic book community.
  • A 40-year-old Portland comic book store has been robbed for the second time. Given what was stolen, it sounds like the thief is very familiar with the store. Hopefully, they find some helpful leads and this doesn’t happen again.
  • John Wick is getting a comic book. And so is Orphan Black.

See you next time!

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