Year: 2016

Star Wars Holiday Special (1978)

Join Us For a Star Wars Christmas Eve

Rogue One, Shmogue One. We all know that there’s only one Star Wars story that matters at Christmas time, even though George Lucas would like us all to forget. No George. No. We will #NeverForget the Star Wars Holiday Special. Better yet, we will gather together to livetweet it at @womenoncomics! “This holiday is yours, but…

Christmas Land (Hallmark 2016)

Merry Scary Christmas: The White Heteronormative Horror of Hallmark Christmas Movies

Within the grand history of storytelling there are many terrifying alternate universes. The Skynet apocalypse of the Terminator franchise, the X-Men’s Sentinel-laden “Days of Future Past” reality, the devolved, ultra capitalism of The Running Man and the brainwashed secret civilization of They Live. But perhaps none are as harrowing and vacuous as the one created…