Previously on Comics: Bryan Lee O’Malley Focuses on Mixed-Race Characters in Future Work

Happy Tuesday! My week’s starting off a little hectic, but here’s hoping all of you get to enjoy the summer sunshine if you so desire and are able to! In the meantime, I’ve got some interesting developments in the comics world to share.

Surprising very few comics fans, Marvel has renumbered several of their ongoing series once again, as part of their new lineup. While the lineup features some good surprises, like Kate Bishop taking the lead in Hawkeye, most of it is pretty standard fare for Marvel. There might be some wooing of Marvel Cinematic Universe fans with the release of Guardians of the Galaxy solo titles, including a Gamora comic from Nicole Perlman, who wrote the film screenplay.

Speaking of changes at the Big 2, Frank Cho has left Wonder Woman after only six issues, and he’s openly blaming writer Greg Rucka for his departure. You see, according to Cho, Rucka is “spearheading censorship” in exercising editorial oversight over the variant covers for Rucka’s series. Y’know, nonwithstanding the fact that actively working to have non-sexist comic book covers is not the same as censorship.

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Moving to more positive newsbits, Bryan Lee O’Malley sat with Mia Nakaji Monnier at NBC News to discuss his recent decision to write only mixed-race protagonists in his future work. O’Malley is best known for his graphic novel series Scott Pilgrim, which was adapted into a film a few years back with an almost all-white cast. That, along with O’Malley’s own reflections on his mixed-race heritage, led to his decision to feature only mixed-race characters in his work going forward, including the upcoming comic Snotgirl. While I had some misgivings about reading this comic, I will admit that O’Malley’s careful introspection has made me rethink being hesitant about trying it out.

I have zero qualms about checking out Robin Ha’s work, however, especially since I’m trying to learn to cook. Cook Korean! introduces readers to the intricacies of Korean food and its preparation, with gorgeous and easy-to-follow illustrations by Ha. The book got its start on Ha’s Tumblr blog Banchan in Two Pages, and was published by Ten Speed Press earlier this month.

And on that delicious note, I leave you for the week! Check out some more news tidbits below, and have a great July!

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