Funko and Marvel’s Women of Power

Spider Gwen, She-Hulk Marvel Women of Power

I’ve been diligently avoiding subscription boxes for quite a while now, vicariously living through my friend’s subscription instead. The field has become so saturated with subscription boxes there’s now one available for everything you can imagine. But what if you don’t want everything you can imagine? What if you want to be a bit frugal, even as you seek the perfect box of surprises to satisfy your needs? In my case, my needs are quite geeky, and lately, they tend to focus on Funko collectibles. In fact, I just received a phone call from my local games store: my latest Funko order (Sailor Moon) is here. This after just picking up a few others last week (Black Panther, Princess Leia), including some (the TARDIS and Sharknado) for my sister who caught the Funko flu from me. And I’ve got at least one more (Falcon) pre-ordered. I might have a problem. Some might even call it an obsession.

You know what doesn’t help my addiction one bit? Trailers like this:

Not only are Spider-Gwen and She-Hulk and–was that an acorn??? Shut up and take my money!!!–joining the growing family of Funko figures available, they will be a part of the Marvel Collector Corps‘ latest loot box. The “Women of Power” box joins Deadpool, Secret Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy, as well as the Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty box–and more–as Funko expands its exclusive collections with boxes catered to specific geeky needs. Funko has also teamed up with DC Comics to produce the Legion of Collectors boxes. While Lootcrate and similar geek subscription boxes continue to offer more general merchandise, targeted boxes like these help fans sift through the noise, promising “no fluff” and “no filler.”

I might be easily enticed by a carefully placed acorn, but others with far greater willpower might want a bit more info before investing their hard earned funds in a bimonthly box full of surprises. Funko’s Marketing Manager, Hilary Gray, offers a little more insight into the Marvel Collector Corps:

What steps go into deciding the theme of the monthly boxes and subsequently selecting the merchandise to be included?

Hilary Gray: A LOT! First we look at what’s trending in pop culture and what people are excited about. We do this by reaching out to our fans on social media, at events, conventions and through blogs (like Women Write About Comics!). We also connect with Marvel to see what movies are coming out and what they’re excited to promote. Once we settle on a few different characters, our design team takes the reigns and they come up with ways to bring the Funko look to these new characters! Lastly, we pick our favorite character designs, share our concepts with Marvel, and decide on a final mix for the box!

Fan subscription boxes have gone from the more general to the very specific. What advantages or disadvantages are considered when determining your target market?

HG: Specific boxes are MUCH better for our customers! By being more specific, we’re able to create a mystery box more people will be excited about. Specific boxes lead to more satisfied customers! By creating box themes based on popular movies, TV or comics, our customers are able to pick and choose based on their fandoms, or they’re able to sign up for the year and receive a bonus thank you gift!

Currently, a box is released every two months, often timed with major Marvel industry events and releases. Are there plans to offer subscription boxes more often during the year?

HG: We don’t have any current plans to offer the box on a monthly basis. With bimonthly shipments we are able to offer more value by packing the boxes with 100% exclusive items. Plus, the anticipation is MUCH more exciting with a bimonthly box!

One of the questions I had in response to my Funko article was whether or not a Ms. Marvel Funko was in the works? Might a future themed box focus on a younger audience?

HG: We LOVE Ms. Marvel! Absolutely, we definitely look into a wide audience base when we create our boxes.

I’ll pretend that I’d be buying a subscription box that targets a younger audience for my daughters, but I think we all know that I’ll be the one happily unboxing all the goodies…

Wendy Browne

Wendy Browne

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8 thoughts on “Funko and Marvel’s Women of Power

  1. I’m excited for this box (I’ve been getting Collector Corps for…about a year I guess?) but I really wish they’d add women’s shirt options. I hardly ever wear the shirts as anything but pjs because of the fit. It’s disappointing because some of them are pretty cute. 🙁

    1. This is my first subscription box purchase, so I’ll see how the t-shirt works out for me. I was more focused on the Funkos, but you’re right, there should definitely be more choice in the sizing.

  2. Sells a “women of power” box, only provides “unisex” shirt options. Boooooo.

    I desperately want the Pop, but can’t justify $25 for that and a shirt that won’t fit me.

    1. Ah that does suck. I am not really a shirt collector, so I don’t really care about it (the shirt will most likely end up as pajamas for my kids). I am more interested in the Funko. Assuming that there are some truly exclusive items in there, then the value should be reasonable. But I will try to be good and avoid subscribing to other boxes even if they offer cool Funko too…

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