Your Midnighter Week Round-Up!

Midnighter fans, this week was UNBELIEVABLE and it’s all because of you! Thank you to all who participated, whether you joined the giveaway, retweeted the celebrations, or added your own work to the event. See below for a round-up of Midnighter-based pieces!


Comics Bulletin’s Mark Oliver Stack took a crack at Midnighter: Out. “Even on the occasion that the craft falls short, the character of Midnighter and his central relationships remain compelling and well-rendered by this book’s team.”

We at WWAC love our Ardo Omer, but we let Panels have her sometimes so she can write pieces like this: “Writer, Steve Orlando, has crafted an interesting story for Midnighter but what makes the series shine is its lead.”

Midnighter: Out was book blogger Marie Landry’s introduction to the world of comics! “Overall, I think Midnighter was the perfect comic book for a newbie. It was fast-paced, had tons of action, great twists, humor, and more depth than I expected.”

Midnighter also has a new fan in Jenn, who writes book reviews over at her blog, Lost In A Great Book. “Writer Steve Orlando and artists ACO, Stephen Mooney, and Alec Morgan have created a brilliantly complicated and intriguing world that is part pulp fiction and part nightmare. I’ve read it three times now and I’m still finding new details.”

Matt SantoriGriffin blew us all away with this incredibly personal, touching review on the book and how it related to his experience of coming out. “It’s impossible for me to write about Midnighter without it feeling personal. […] It feels like it was made for me.”


Midnighter was #11 on Comicosity’s “PC Explosion: 12 Characters Diversifying Bookshelves This Week!” “One of the things that makes Midnighter so compelling in this volume is that no matter how perfect a warrior he is, his emotions aren’t as easy to resolve.”

Ray Sonne completed one of her New Year’s resolutions and wrote of “7 (Among Many) Amazing Art Moments in Midnighter: Out” over at Comics Bulletin.

Graphic Policy’s Logan Dalton wrote about how “Midnighter Embodies Both Machismo and Vulnerability.” “… It’s in his romantic and interpersonal relationships that we really find Midnighter’s vulnerable side beneath his snarky one-liners and the incredible action sequences choreographed by ACO, Morgan, and Mooney.”

The Beat’s Alexander Lu calls Midnighter “DC’s Answer to Ms. Marvel.” “He is the post-modern gay superhero we deserve—someone who isn’t isolated from the struggles that queer people face from society, but doesn’t let those problems isolate him.”


It was happenstance, but Elle Collins released her in-depth conversation with Jon Christianson about Midnighter on her Into It podcast this week. Elle’s knowledge and insightful observations of Midnighter’s publication history combined with Jon’s everlasting enthusiasm makes for one really interesting analysis of our favorite superhero. A do-not-miss, for sure.

Chase Magnett, in his Leading Questions column on Comics Bulletin, talked up Midnighter as an example of a great book while dodging Mark Stack’s weekly tricky question. “The truth is that Sturgeon’s Law, an adage essentially stating that about 90% of anything is crap, applies to comics just like it does any other form of media. Occasionally, you get a great superhero series with a gay lead like Midnighter where the creative team is firing on all cylinders […] and that creative team isn’t entirely composed of cishet, white men like 90% of comics…”

Fan work:

Well, Ray made a cake.

But much to her surprise, Rebecca (@arbitrarygenius on twitter and qft on tumblr) made two BETTER cakes. She also posted her Midnighter and Grayson bears, which were made by pixiezilla.

Pixiezilla did her nails up. And made her own Apollo cake!

Rebecca also had her friend make Apollo/Midnighter coaster/bead art:

Meanwhile, artist Joseph Giampietro created this BEAUTIFUL (and quite sexy) work of Apollo and Midnighter.

Daphne contributed her own art, with this very sensuous portrait of Midnighter without his mask and one with him in full gear!

So overall, an amazing turnout. Thanks again, everyone!

Ray Sonne

Ray Sonne

A comics reader since the first Raimi-directed Spider-Man movie, Ray now works as a copywriter. When not writing or training in Krav Maga, she likes to expand her queer comics knowledge and talk with fellow nerds on twitter @RaySonne.

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