This Week in WWAC History: Marvel Hair and Steven Universe

As your Halloween weekend comes to a close and you’re settling into November, grab your Snuggie and sip on some hot cocoa while enjoying these WWAC articles of years past.

On November 4, 2013, Claire gives us her top 10 for ladies hair for Marvel,

Unknown-1I don’t know about you, but eighty-five percent of my hairspiration comes from comics & comics’ surrounding suburbs. Right now I’m rocking a grown-out Major Kusanagi, f’rex. Two (three?) years ago I did the Rogue Fringe thing.

Anyway there are a lot of fabulous locks in comics and here is a list of some of my favourite from Marvel. It was actually quite hard to think of ten off the top of my head (HAHAHA like HAIR), so this is totes not The Official Facts but here, reader, are ten hairstyles that I definitely think are more than OK. The list suffers from some shortcomings, variety-wise, for which I apologise. None of them are the Lois Cut I always complain about! At least! READ MORE

If you still have not tuned in to the popular cartoon series Steven Universe, read Kayleigh’s review on the premiere and why you should give it a try, November 6, 2013,

stevenu01The first female solo-created series in Cartoon Network’s 21-year history, Rebecca Sugar’s Steven Universe premieres with a lot of fanfare.  Series openers “Gem Glow” and “Laser Light Cannon” drop us headfirst into Steven’s, um, universe, where the enthusiastic young boy protects Beach City alongside the mystical warriors known as the Crystal Gems—AKA Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl. Steven is also the son of deceased Crystal Gem Rose Quartz, and he’s on an ongoing quest to unlock the mysteries of the crystal gem embedded in his stomach.

Steven Universe is a visually stunning series, with painterly backgrounds and warm gem tones that make its pink cherry blossoms and purple twilights pop off the screen.  “Gem Glow’s” most beautiful image is the cliff-side temple where Steven lives, with the likeness of a mysterious six-armed woman (a former Crystal Gem?) carved into the rock. The writing is also very solid with a few great belly laughs (watch for the running gag of Garnet hurling Amethyst at an enemy) scattered throughout. READ MORE

Need a game recommendation? Check out Wendy’s review of Remember Me from November 4, 2014,

Meet Nilin. She is the star of DONTNOD’s 2013 video game Remember Me, but you may never have gotten to meet her if DONTNOD had conformed to the close-minded vision of some major gaming companies.

Fortunately, Capcom was willing to take the “risk” and while my wallet might be a small one in the grand scheme of things, I let it speak for me. I bought this game on principle because damned if I, as a woman of colour human being, was going to allow such bigotry to go unprotested.

Title: Remember Me Genre: Action, Adventure Developer: DONTNOD Entertainment Publisher: Capcom Release Date: 3 Jun, 2013Did Nilin manage to prove the naysayers wrong? I can’t speak to the game’s sales figures, but I have not seen any complaints from gamers about her femaleness or her brownskinnedness. She satisfies as a lead character no matter her gender or skin colour. Now, if we do focus on her femaleness, she’s wonderfully sexy without the need for awkward objectification or skimpy attire. And we come to understand that she is a troubled character without needing to resort to rape to explain why she might be that way. READ MORE

And last, but not least, find out what music Rachel suggests you listen to while reading Moon Knight, November 5, 2014,

MOON KNIGHT (2014) #5 Published: July 02, 2014 Rating: Rated T+ Writer: Warren Ellis Cover Artist: Declan Shalvey The relaunch of Moon Knight by Warren Ellis, Declan Shalvey, and Jordie Bellaire has been critically acclaimed for good reason. Getting rid of the inaccurately portrayed mental illness Marc Spector had been shackled with, and shedding his supporting cast in favor of different characters and drone equipment, has worked out in Moon Knight’s favor. The structure of the new Moon Knight run is very simple — he protects travelers who go out at night, and he wears white so that bad people see him coming. There’s more to it than that, involving different costumes, the Egyptian multi-aspected god Khonshu, and the police unit that Spector works with occasionally, but each of the six issues that the initial creative team worked on is effectively a standalone done in one. Today, I’ll be focusing on my personal favorite of the run: issue five, Scarlet.

A young girl has been kidnapped by a gang of thugs, and Moon Knight doesn’t care why. He simply goes into the abandoned hotel that the gang’s taken over, and beats the hell out of them, wearing an increasingly damaged white suit and mask as he ascends the six story building. READ MORE

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