Get Off My TV Lawn! Rumoured Fresh Prince Reboot

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A Fresh Prince reboot?

According to multiple sources, Smith’s production shingle, Overbrook Entertainment, is in the very early stages of developing a present-day family comedy that puts a new spin on the fish-out-of-water tale while maintaining the spirit of Fresh Prince.

TV Line

Okay. I am fine with a new show that is inspired by Fresh Prince which is what this sounds like but I refuse a reboot. No reboot! Have you seen a Fresh Prince episode lately? That show is as funny as it was in the 90s and I don’t need the same characters being played by different people. I would’ve been fine with Fresh Prince: The Adult Years as some have suggested but Will Smith will never come back as the show’s star and without James Avery (RIP), that show wouldn’t be the same anyways.

According to TV Line, Will Smith will supposedly be producing this and shop it around in the coming weeks. NBC, the original show’s home, will “be happy to talk to Will about it” via Entertainment Chairman, Robert Greenblatt during the Television Critics Association (TCA) summer press tour so we’ll see if this scoop will pan out but as of right now, it’s still a rumour. There have been a lot of announcements about reboots lately (*cough* Xena! *cough*) but I’m just going to say “hell no” to this one.

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Will Smith. 1990-1996. NBC.

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  1. I 100% agree – I would totally be in for a show inspired by the Fresh Prince, a kind of Fresh Prince of this generation. But a reboot? No way. That way is perfect the way it is. There’s no way they would do it justice.

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