The DC Daily Planet: A Very White Canary

Welcome to the weekend, crusaders! First, I would like to direct your attention to the shiny new banner atop this post. It is fabulous, right? Let’s take a moment to thank Desiree for her awesome work. Thanks, Desiree!

As for DC, well…it’s been a bit of a slow week. A handful of creators appeared at a panel during Special Edition NYC to discuss their post-Convergence books, and while quite lot of interesting information was shared (Black Canary will return to her fishnet-clad roots), I was most pleased to see Steve Orlando’s opinion on Midnighter and Apollo, saying:

“I love Apollo. It’s not a secret they are not together now but at the start of this series they’ve only known each other three to five months so we get to see how they become this great couple.”

Look, I’m a sucker for ‘falling for each other’ stories, okay?

Relatedly, I haven’t read the new Midnighter yet, thought it’s waiting patiently for me in my Comixology account. Have you? Is it great? It bet it’s gonna be great.

We have a premiere date for Supergirl! Which is great! It’s October 26th, which is too far away. CBS, don’t you understand that I need this show now, right away, as close to immediate as it is possible to get?

Speaking of DC TV shows, we now know for certain that Caity Lotz is playing White Canary on the new Legends of Tomorrow show, which is…not great. Unsurprisingly, this White Canary is mostly unrelated to her comic book counterpart, and will simply be a resurrected Sara Lance, which is a theory that was floated approximately three seconds after it was confirmed that Caity would appear in the new show. Does that make it better, or worse, do you think? I’m happy to have Sara back — for one thing, it’s nice to have a canonically bisexual character on the screen — but couldn’t they have come up with a new name?

Also, Hawkgirl will be getting an origin in LoT, which is kind of cool. Mostly, I’m just thrilled to have Hawkgirl.

DC is probably going to have more on-page ads. Awesome.

Let’s roll into the weekend with some good news: the Batgirl team has made some adjustments to the art and writing in their first trade, in order to acknowledge and mitigate the transphobic issues in Batgirl #37. Thanks, team Batgirl!

I hope you’ve had a great week, and that you’re looking at an even better weekend, readers. See you next Friday!

Laura Harcourt

Laura Harcourt

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