Day: May 11, 2015

Mighty Marvel Monday

It’s been a Marvelicious week were at WWAC, so before you go clicking off into the depths of the internet, allow me to give you the Marvel rundown here at home: The week started off with a bang with Jennie’s rundown of Age of Ultron’s Black Widow Problems. Spoilers ahoy. Next came Emily’s analysis of…

The Fault in Our Stars screenshot

Fail Better: (Am I) A Hypochondriac?

I read John Green’s The Fault In Our Stars after my friends and fellow book lovers were buzzing about it and demanded I experience what they were experiencing: “THE FEELS!” “I cried on the bus. Everyone was staring!” “Okay? Okay.” I wanted to quote and be quoted. I wanted to be able to contribute my…

Agent Carter Banner, Marvel

#DiversifyAgentCarter: More Than a Hashtag

With a second season of Agent Carter announced earlier this week, the internet was filled with joy, but also with hope for the coming season. One of those hopes was crystallized on Twitter under the hashtag #DiversifyAgentCarter. The hashtag was created by Mikki Kendall, @karnythia, when she tweeted: It didn’t take long before the tag…