WWAC Warriors: The Lazy Woman’s Zombie Apocalypse

My fellow WWAC Warriors impress me to no end with their incredible feats. From to bodybuilding to Muay Thai to recovery workouts and diets, it seems like they can and will do it all. Their dedication and effort are inspiring—or at least they ought to be, but my problem is that I’m lazy. Also, I really love food.

Exercise remains high on my to-do list, but my dedication to it is somewhat lax. However, since starting with the Zombies, Run! app last year, I’d say I’m not doing too badly—though I must emphasize that I am not about the running, not like my marathoning sister who even leads her own all-terrain, all-weather run club. I prefer to keep it to a brisk walk, and appreciate that zombies are mostly okay with this.

That is, until I got to season 2. Whose brilliant idea was it to introduce fast zombies to the story, dammit!?

Zombies, Run! app - Runner 5 T-shirtZombies, Run! is an app that combines my two favourite things: immersive stories and characters, with my least favourite thing: exercise. When I put on my running shoes and the official t-shirt, I become Runner 5, diligently risking my life to support the needs of Abel Township during the zombie apocalypse. I collect supplies, rescue children, provide distraction, and more. All under the guidance of the various players that speak to me through my earphones. Like I said, I’m lazy, so I’m pretty pleased with myself when I say that I’ve kept at my (ir)regular walking routine since October. When the weather got cold, I even took it inside on the elliptical, doing supply missions while I watched Lost on Netflix. Now that the weather is sort of improving, I’m back outside, listening to music or audiobooks in between Zombies, Run! dialogue. This is even more impressive because I’m making these efforts without the motivation of peer pressure. Getting up at 6AM to go for a walk by myself? That kind of thing was unheard of before, and even my dad gave me a strange look when he saw me heading out to greet the rising sun a few weekends ago at his place. “Remember that one time you went swimming with me in the morning?” he asked. Add that to my brother’s joke about the gym membership that saw me visit the gym all of once in a row (it was actually three times–he likes to embellish), and you’ve summed up my attempts at exercise routines.

There is some peer motivation involved with my walks though. Aside from my morning or evening jaunts, my new job has come with the added bonus of the Afternoon Walk Club. A few of us go for a walk down to the river and all around before lunch, and I use the Zombies, Run! supply runs to track our progress. I’m a sucker for virtual rewards, too. Being able to see my stats is great, and the achievements are a nice carrot on at stick.

When I decide to sleep in once in a while, I don’t feel too guilty because we’re usually out every business day, except when it’s really cold or yucky out. I also feel less guilty about all the food I eat, since yummies are almost a constant at this office.

This pending apocalypse, I will likely have to rely on my fellow WWAC Warriors to handle the big stuff (I’m an administrator, not a fighter), but as long as I can outpace the slower zombies and keep up with a reasonably regular routine, I think I’ll be okay.

Wendy Browne

Wendy Browne

Publisher, mother, geek, executive assistant sith, gamer, writer, lazy succubus, blogger, bibliophile. Not necessarily in that order.

2 thoughts on “WWAC Warriors: The Lazy Woman’s Zombie Apocalypse

  1. I keep meaning to try Zombies, Run! and this might just push me over the edge into it. I love that you have a walking group at work! It’s so much nicer to walk (or run, or do just about any exercise) with other people.

    1. Having company is definitely the key to keeping me going. And it’s kind of like I have company when I listen to the app. Sam’s always with me.

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