Sunday Art Gala: Work, Play, Lift! More Stealth Cosplay

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Have you seen Desiree’s stealth cosplay as Anya Corazon, also known as Spider-Girl? There are all sorts of ways to sneak cosplay into our daily lives, and so, taking inspiration from Joie Fatale’s Google+ post, we decided to take to Polyvore to design some of our own!

Claire is heading to the gym

Lift with one hand, boysenberry pie with the other.

Lift with one hand, boysenberry pie with the other

Executive Assistant Wendy takes her new job very seriously

A recent promotion means I need to be the best that I can be. Who better to support my goals than Phoenix, Emma Frost, and Harley Quinn?

Stealth Cosplay at the Office

Laura is #TeamBatgirl for her fitness routine.


Our resident Girl Genius Brenda gets scientific

Whether you’re at work or judging a science fair, show that women who like science, engineering, math and tech can be smart and fashionable at the same time, just like our Girl Genius, Agatha Heterodyne.

For science!

Starfire enthusiast Desiree is working out

“Starfire inspired workout clothes in bright colors to keep me lifting weights and gaining that Tamaranian strength!”

Starfire Workout Wear

 Lindsey brings in some Wonder Woman and Sailor Jupiter and Attack on Titan

It’s all about the casual and the interchangeable. Even when saving the world.


This is Kelly’s Ennistravaganza!

A stealth cosplay for several of Garth Ennis’s greatest hits: Preacher, Hitman, and Crossed (Vol. 1, the least upsetting).

Wendy Browne

Wendy Browne

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