Serious Snackage: Binge Snacking While Binge Watching Daredevil

Megan Purdy and I love to snack. Snacks are what comfort us when we’re down. They keep us sane when we’re stressed and motivate us to go on when all else fails. We clutch onto them while watching a scary movie and share them with the ones we love. Sometimes (and only sometimes) we leave the gross snacks for our enemies to enjoy (*cackles*). We know our snackage and want to share it with you. Join us on this journey of self discovery through our bellies and ultimately, our hearts.

In this installment, Megan and I tackle the world of Marvel’s Daredevil. Just like the show, we don’t hold back! We kick you with awesome team ups between snacks and characters. Snacks you may heard of. Some you probably haven’t. Some may even be made up. Regardless, we know the law…snack law. We are judge, jury, and snack-a-cutioner. Justice may be blind, but our taste buds are in top form.

Nelson and Murdock: Off-brand potato chips, Cayenne Pepper Guacamole, and Pop Rocks

As Avocados At Law, it would make sense that Nelson & Murdock law offices would be a classic guacamole, but when you have an alter ego with raging tendencies (Oh, Matt), it seems apt to add some cayenne pepper to PUNCH. THINGS. UP. How about we throw in some off brand chips that taste just like the good stuff without the fancy name to match? We can scoop up some of that tasty guac. Of course, we top it all off with some fun pop rocks to mirror the silliness that the bromance of Nelson and Murdock exudes. We don’t suggest mixing it all together, but we won’t judge. Treat yo’ self. Nelson and Murdock, avocados at law, by Al

Ben Urich and Karen Page: Dare Sour Jelly Beans

Karen Page and Ben Urich are everything. EVERYTHING. Karen starts out as a damsel in distress and Ben as a tired old reporter. The series ends with them both transformed, with two of the richest character arcs of the series. Everything about them is unexpected(LY PRETTY, amirite?). Dare Sour Jelly Beans are the only snack suitable for their scenes — apparently mild but surprisingly sour, with long-lasting, addictive flavour. Our hearts and their flavour will go on.

Dare Sour Jelly Beans

Wilson Fisk and Vanessa: Seasonal Cheese and Fruit Tray

Wilson Fisk wilding out at a fancy dress party over American cheese and a seasonal fruit selection. All American Murderer Wilson Fisk lays out a tray of all American fancy cheese and seasonal fruit. Will Vanessa be impressed? Of course, but not by the cheese.

James “the Real MCU Heartthrob” Wesley: French Macarons

James Wesley is the breakout heartthrob of the MCU. He wears expensive suits, speaks multiple languages, and is just downright fancy.

James Wesley, Daredevil 2015. Manip by Desiree

Claire the Night Nurse: Strawberry Delight

Claire is the compassionate bad ass we’ve always wanted. She knows how to accurately stab a guy in the eye for maximum pain but also dedicates her life to healing the wounded as a nurse. She’s the reality check that Matt desperately needs and is played by the lovely Rosario Dawson. So we went with the delicious Strawberry Delight candies which are hard on the outside, gooey on the inside, and strawberry flavour all over.

Rosario Dawson. Claire "Night Nurse" Temple. Marvel's Daredevil. Strawberry Delight Candies.

Madame Gao: Egg Tarts

Egg tarts. So mild, so perfectly delicious. Much like an egg tart, Madame Gao was over too soon. Just one egg tart will suffice, rich as they are, but once that last bite passes your lips, oh how you want more.

Madame Gao's Egg Tart, manip by Al

Various Ninjas: Various Wings (Spicy Roulette)

The ninjas are plentiful in Daredevil. So plentiful we suspect they are hired by the basket: a combo pack of good ninja, bad ninja, spicy ninja, and hot ninja. Snack hard with a variety of ninja wings.

Baby Murdock: Chocolate Candy

Baby Murdock is gentle milk chocolate: defending his dad to all comers and stitching him up when he needs help. Baby Murdock is also candy coated chocolate, gummies, pop rocks, a candy surprise: revenge, family, friendship bracelets, and spin kicks — an always delicious, never-ending surprise. This can mean only one thing: Cadbury Jelly Popping Candy. Candy INSIDE chocolate and no bite is ever quite the same.

Cadbury Matt, by Al

Leland Owlsley: Deep Dish Pizza

You’re probably thinking, “Pizza is not a snack!” but you’re wrong. Pizza can sometimes be a snack especially through a 13 episode binge. Leland is a “doesn’t take shit from anybody” kinda guy. He’s a character we fell for instantly, and we’ve had our love grow deeper. Deep like a deep dish of cheesy goodness. Chicago style. So good yet so bad.

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