Nicole Perlman & Meg LeFauve Possibly Piloting Captain Marvel

As DC and Marvel race to writing desk to be the first studio with a female led superhero movie, Captain Marvel is leaping ahead: after all, who better to write a superhero movie spotlighting a female hero than women? The Wrap tells us Captain Marvel #7. November 21 2012. Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick. Drawn by Christopher Sebela. Coloured by Dexter Soy. Marvel Comics. Marvel.Marvel Studios is heavily courting Nicole Perlman, co-writer of Guardians of the Galaxy and Meg LeFauve of Pixar’s Inside Out to pen Captain Marvel. Cheers and fist pumps ensue!

While Perlman is most notable for co-writing last summer’s hit Guardians of the Galaxy, she has been intricately involved with a number of Marvel Studios movies, including a Black Widow treatment.  Inside Out — sure to be a summer hit — is  LeFauve’s first writing credit. (Who doesn’t enjoy watching their most vulnerable emotions anthropomorphized?) Captain Marvel would be the first collaborative project for these two women, while Kevin Feige, producer of all things Marvel Studios, is set to produce.

Fun fact! Captain Marvel was originally Ms. Marvel but later changed, largely thanks to Kelly Sue DeConnick, who remolded Captain Marvel into the badass we gush over today. If you’re unfamiliar with DeConnick’s reboot, here’s the lowdown: the book follows Carol Danvers, a once USAF pilot turned NASA security captain. The origin of Danvers’ powers stems from the fusing of her DNA  with that of the alien race Kree — turning Danvers into the super-human Captain Marvel. What is ultimately humanizing and cinematically appealing about Carol Danvers is not only  her power and strengths but also her sense of humor whether battling foes or simply attempting to take her cat to the vet. Also with big-screen appeal? Carol’s new and improved attire. Huzzahs and excitement abound when updated, fully functional, and, you know, protective costumes for our beloved superheroines  are incorporated. Jamie McKelvie’s  update to the Captain Marvel costume will certainly protect her, and (let’s just go ahead and all agree) the sash is dope.  It will be interesting to  see what elements of In Pursuit of Flight are incorporated into Captain Marvel. Whose fingers are crossed for the Banshee Squadron? Mine are crossed tighter than a boating knot.

As both Perlman’s and LeFauve’s previous projects are largely female focused they have the ability to bring a fresh perspective to both Marvel Studios and local theaters. Captain Marvel has the potential to be the map by which all other female superhero movies are traversed. If Perlman and LeFauve need a title, allow me to make a suggestion? Captain Marvel the Tell All: Part Kree, Part Human, 100% Badass.


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