My New Stark Industries Hot Topic Jacket Needs to Be Available in Plus Sizes

starkindustrieshottopicHot Topic has a new line of Avengers themed dresses and jackets and I am ordering all of it. ALL OF IT.

But first, this gorgeous Stark Industries jacket. Picture me: bombshell ginger curls, a black miniskirt, much booty, and this kicking retro bomber jacket. Picture us rolling into a con together: greasemonkey Pink Ladies with seamed tights and kicking work boots. Yes. YESSSS.

I have already pre-ordered it.

The new Marvel by Her Universe line, designed by Amy Beth Christenson and Andrew MacLaine, the winners of the 2014 Her Universe and Hot Topic “Geek Couture” Fashion Show at SDCC, and Her Universe founder, Ashley Eckstein, includes Loki, Captain America, Thor, and Black Widow themed dresses, and Black Widow and Iron Man themed jackets. Garments are currently available for pre-order only, at, but will be fully available in “select” Hot Topic brick and mortar locations as of May 12. Will they be available in a mall near you? Only Hot Topic can tell you that. Will they be available in Torrid, Hot Topic’s plus size spinoff? Damn, I hope so.

My first reaction to the line was overwhelming joy. My second reaction was a panicked check of Hot Topic’s sizing chart. Hot Topic is primarily a juniors store and I’m told their sizes run small. Which is fine. For me. Their 2X is said to fit my adult XL body just fine. But it’s less than fine for those of us who don’t lie in the “normal” size range, especially for teens of size, who are stuck shopping online-only, or from expensive speciality stores.

I want this collection, this gorgeous, celebratory, pretty-as-heck collection, to be available to everyone who wants it. I want garments that speak of beauty, grace, and heroism to be available, by default, to plus size women  who are bigger than my acceptably fat, “normal” fat XL body — and at the same price point as sizes XS-XL. Let’s see this Stark Industries jacket in a 3x. That gorgeous Loki party dress in a 5x.

Let’s see affordable geek glamour made truly accessible.

Megan Purdy

Megan Purdy

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12 thoughts on “My New Stark Industries Hot Topic Jacket Needs to Be Available in Plus Sizes

  1. This an older post …but did you ever get it? I just saw it recently at torrid! For us plus size ladies and had to get it!

  2. I ordered a Large, which in MOST Hot Topic stuff fits me great. I’m on the bigger side of women’s clothing, but have almost universally found that the large sizes work for me. BUT THIS. (Just got it today) is ridiculously small. My shoulders don;t even fit! Damn you Hot Topic. The Marvel By Her line seems actually SMALLER than even their normal lines, I guess because it’s marketed to ‘girls’ who are supposed to be small and dainty? Forget you, HT, I’m bloody taller than 5’4″ and now this jacket barely goes halfway to my waist. Why is it so short? My torso isn’t exceedingly long, nor are my shoulders exceptionally broad, so…WHY? Agreed with you, Megan, this is kind of disappointing.

  3. My first reaction when I saw the pic associated with the story, ah… it’s a Victoria’s Secret thing. I’d like to hope that by now, most women know that Victoria’s Secret isn’t really marketed ‘to women’; it’s a place where menfolk can get bras and panties they want to see their ladies in–for their pleasure. When I see branded-wear like this, and it’s not in my size (16 thanks, and Hot Topics 2X doesn’t feet my breast armor, thanks) and the women in the pics don’t reflect me–I realize it’s not for me.

    The Marvel by Her Universe line, it’s not for me–it’s for the women that male fans would like to see?

    1. Tina, you’re right. I, an adult, bisexual – and comfortably sexual – plus size woman, am only interested in these clothes for their attractive powers over men. You saw right through me.

  4. Do you sew? You can make your OWN plus size dresses that look very much like those, with a pattern from Simplicity that is pretty similar in style. The bodice is a little more elaborate, but the “plus” pattern goes to 28W. Looks like it’s one of their vintage archive patterns from the 1950s. (Remember folks, pattern sizes do NOT correspond to clothing sizes; check the envelope against your actual measurements.)

    1. I don’t actually, but I’m generally well served by the clothing industrial complex. Sewing your own is a good option but obviously not in the cards for everyone!

    1. I never shopped in Hot Topic as a teen! I was grunge, glamour or thrift, never goth or emo. (All of these distinctions mattered so much to us.)

      1. I didn’t shop threr much, to be honest. I had two pairs of street pants, an Amy Brown fairy tank-top, a sleeveless top with safety pins, a pair of arm warmers and that was it. I liked it, but the stuff was (is) expensive and the store smelled horrible, like cheap sweaty pleather and teen angst. Gave me an instant headache. 🙁

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