Tank Girl Is Back! 21st Century Tank Girl Gets Serialized

21st Century Tank Girl 1

Titan Comics has announced that they are serializing 21st Century Tank Girl!

21st Century Tank Girl 1Co-created in the late 1980s by artist Jamie Hewlett and writer Alan Martin, Tank Girl quickly became a household name and revolutionized British comics industry. If you’re not familiar with Tank Girl, check out Claire Napier’s piece “The Power of Tank Girl: One Girl’s Personal Diary.”

This June, Titan Comics will publish 21st Century Tank Girl as a three issue mini-series written by Martin. 21st Century Tank Girl #1 will feature two covers both by co-creator Jamie Hewlett.

The tremendously successful 21st Century Tank Girl Kickstarter campaign was funded around this time last year. The project of co-creator Alan Martin, the campaign aimed to collect short comic strips, poster pages, poems, longer strips, and an illustrated text story into a hardcover book. Stated as just Martin’s project, Tank Girl‘s other co-creator, Jamie Hewlett, did produce the gorgeous cover art for the book. The Kickstarter hit over 300% of its funding goal closing at over $350,000.

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