Day: February 16, 2015

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Mighty Marvel Monday

   I return! Like a bad penny. Or Cassie Lang, because everyone agrees her death was basically fridging and stupid anyway. And now without further ado: This week(ish) in Marvel Above the Fold Probably the biggest headline, but just in case you missed it, Marvel and Sony have finally reached a joint custody agreement over Spider-Man,…

2000AD, Prog 1917; Judge Dredd: Dark Justice; Writer: John Wagner; Artist: Greg Staples; Rebellion, 2015

Review: 2000AD, Prog 1917

2000AD, Prog 1917 Writers: Various Artists: Various Rebellion Two stories come to an end in this week’s prog: one just in time, and one too soon. The former is “Ulysses Sweet, Maniac for Hire: Psycho-Therapist” (writer: Guy Adams; artists: Paul Marshall and Chris Blythe), which relied too heavily on flippant discussions of violence that were…