Day: February 3, 2015

Archie Riverdale Rescue

Game Review: Riverdale Rescue

Archie Riverdale Rescue Developer: Gogii Games Corp. Platforms: iPhone, iPad, Android, PC Though I was exposed to computer games at an early age, I don’t claim a gamer identity. As a youngster, I had an unhealthy obsession with games. I was the brat who would pout and refuse to play if I realized there was…

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Cool Books of February!

Get in Trouble: Stories Author: Kelly Link Random House February 3, 2015 Until leafing through this month’s BookPage I had never heard of Kelly Link, but Becky Ohlsen’s glowing review of Get in Trouble changed that. Ohlsen wrote that “Nobody writes stories like hers. Link’s fantastical worlds feel utterly real, partly because they’re intensely matter-of-fact….