Incredible Indie Tuesdays: Kate Beaton Galore!

step aside pops, kate beaton, drawn and quarterly 20152015 brings us TWO New Kate Beaton Books!

Not only is a second collection of Hark! A Vagrant being released in September, but a children’s book featuring her breakout character Fat Pony will also be coming out this year.  Kate Beaton is well-known in the comics world for her hilarious, historical comics in Hark! A Vagrant, but my favorite work of hers are the short strips she does about her family every time she goes home for the holidays.  Go, revel in her awesome, then pre-order these books.

march book two cover, writers john lewis and andrew aydin, artist nate powell 2015Congressman Jon Lewis Talks March: Book Two

With the wave of protests against police brutality continuing to spread across the country, Representative John Lewis’s autobiographical graphic novel trilogy on the civil rights movement is more important than ever.  The second book, co-written by Lewis with collaborators Andrew Aydin and Nate Powell, chronicles the growth of the civil rights movement, including the Selma March as well as the March on Washington.  These books will be textbooks for students in the years to come, but they aren’t just history lessons–they’re also a road map for what we need to do to continue the work for social justice.

paper girls teaser, writer brian k. vaughn, artist cliff chiang, image comics 2015Brian K. Vaughn and Cliff Chiang Discuss New Comic Paper Girls

One of the most exciting titles announced at Image Expo, Paper Girls follows four newspaper-delivery kids drawn together in a supernatural mystery set in the 1980s.  Even more than seeing Vaughn’s involvement, I’m excited to see how Chiang, who did incredible things on Wonder Woman, brings a bunch of young girls to life.  Basically, I’m imagining a comic version of Now & Then but with a supernatural twist, and nothing could make me happier.

Image Introduces Mail-Order Subscription Service

In an interesting publishing move, Image Comics has introduced a mail-order model where readers can sign up to receive 12-month subscriptions of series to be mailed straight to their door at a discount.  Marvel and DC both have long-standing subscription services–though it appears only Marvel still has one today–but the publishing focus has moved much more to a local comic book shop and digital model.  This may be a way for Image to reach those customers who prefer buying floppies but don’t have a comic store nearby or (like me) can’t get there regularly.

Catie Coleman

Catie Coleman

Catie is a lawyer by day, comics fan by night (and during the lunch hour). Unsurprisingly, her idol is She-Hulk and can only wish that she could work a purple suit in the courtroom like Shulkie can. She's also into Stephanie Brown, because she has apparently an affinity for characters in purple.

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  1. I think it’ll be interesting to see if Image’s mail order service actually pans out. I’d love to see the business case the sales people presented for this — are the numbers here? I guess they must be.

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