Day: January 8, 2015

Gotham TV Show Logo. FOX Batman, DC Comics. 2014.

Review: Gotham: “Rogue’s Gallery”

Gotham Season 1, episode 11: “Rogue’s Gallery” Written by Sue Chang Directed by Oz Scott FOX Gotham returns from winter hiatus, and appropriately enough for the first episode set in Arkham, the inmates are running the asylum. When we last left Jim Gordon, he was demoted to guard duty at the newly re-opened Arkham Asylum,…

Reading Diaries: Reading Resolutions

We’re doing something a little different for January’s Reading Diaries. Instead of what we’ve been reading, we’re sharing our reading resolutions for 2015. Such as, books or authors we’ve always wanted to read but have never had the chance to, new releases we’re looking forward to, and genres we want to explore. Christa: I went on a huge…