Variants We Love! A Look At DC’s Homage to Film

DC Comics has revealed their March variant covers and they’re paying homage to films! They all look fantastic but let’s talk about the ones that caught my eye (and heart).


If you swap Wonder Woman out for Batman, you have the cover of my proposed Superman story where Superman has to face his white privilege. In the story, the characters question why Superman’s variant cover is modeled after the blaxploitation film: Super Fly. Yes, it has the word “super” in it but so does Super Mario Bros. Maybe fifteen years from now, we’ll be lucky enough to have the New 52 Justice League recreate Top Five (but conveniently leave out Cyborg).

SUPERMAN #40. Inspired by SUPER FLY. DC Comics. Cover Art by Dave Johnson. Variant Cover


THIS. IS. THEMYSCIRAAAAAAAAA. Wonder Woman, you’re so bad ass.

WONDER WOMAN #40. 300. DC Comics. Cover Art. Bill Sienkiewicz. Variant Cover


It’s like DC Comics of the 90s knew that Superman’s hair would pay off in the future for this very purpose.

ACTION COMICS #40. Inspired by BILL & TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE. Cover Art by Joe Quinones. DC Comics. Variant Cover


FREE WILLY IS THE BEST ANIMAL MOVIE EVERRRR. I imagine Aquaman recreating this moment because he’s a fan too.

AQUAMAN #40. Inspired by FREE WILLY. Cover Art by Richard Horie. DC Comics. Variant Cover.


I demand to have a buddy (criminal?) film with The Mask and The Joker. Get to it, Hollywood.

BATMAN #40. Inspired by THE MASK. Cover Art by Dave Johnson. DC Comics. Variant Cover


Hellooooooooooooo, Justice Men.

Wait. I swear there was another dude in the Justice League…

JUSTICE LEAGUE #40. Inspired by MAGIC MIKE. Cover Art by Emanuela Lupacchino. DC Comics. Variant Cover.

The rest of the variant covers are fantastic. I didn’t feature the other ones that were great like Catwoman or Detective Comics but you can check out the rest of the covers below. What are your favourites? Is there a film you wish was featured? Sound off in the comments below. We want your opinions!

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  1. Kinda mad that Supes and Wondy are hogging my beloved Gone with the Wind. I’ll take Wondy’s 300 variant as my favourite instead.

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