Day: December 2, 2014

The Grinch Who Stole Our Van

This month we’ll be sharing stories about various holidays that we do-or-do-not participate in, do-or-do-not enjoy, and do-or-do-not recommend for others. Happy Decemberween Last year thieves ruined every single future Christmas of my life. Partially. They destroyed 10% of the enjoyment of Christmases yet to come the night they stole our van.

Lush + Gorilla Perfumes, Sandlewood Smugglers graphic novel launch party, London, November 2014, Frances Carbines

WWAC on the Town: Lush Launches Sandlewood Smugglers Graphic Novel

Gorilla Perfume, an offshoot of Lush Cosmetics, have published their first graphic novel: On the Trail of Sandalwood Smugglers – a “true tale of deceit, duplicity and decapitation.” It’s the story behind the new Smugglers’ Soul unisex perfume, which uses the sought-after ingredient sandalwood oil and whose bottle features the image of notorious sandalwood baron…