The Twin Peaks Log: S.1 E.4

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Welcome to our biweekly roundtable of Twin Peaks where we are working our way through every. Single. Episode. Some of us are regulars and some of us newbies, but none of our experiences are the same. So get yourself a damn fine cup of coffee, watch along with us, and feel free to chime in on the comments section. Say anything you like, our log does not judge. Note: The first installment of Twin Peaks is commonly referred to as The Pilot while the second episode aired is considered to be Episode One. We will be designating each episode using this criteria. The 5th installment of Twin Peaks is Episode 4

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Lalalalala. Episode four! WOOT!


I thought patient confidentiality is void once the patient is dead?


After the surreal, dreamlike atmosphere of the last two episodes, Twin Peaks shifts back into “straight forward police procedural” mode. As a result, I have less to say about this episode. I don’t care about Norma and her incarcerated husband Hank (and the domino keychain he likes to suck on) or whatever’s going on with the Packard Saw Mill. More fascinating to me are the visions shared by Agent Cooper and Sarah Palmer. I love how directly Cooper says “I’m a strong sender” to Truman, just casually throwing it out there that he has psychic powers. Later in the episode Donna mentions that Laura had strange dreams as well, and the camera cuts to a spooky, hooting owl. I wonder if the owls are what they seem?

I recently bought the new Blu-Ray set and Twin Peaks looks spectacular. The show’s always looked amazing, even when I was watching it on grainy VHS tapes, but it’s fun to catch little details I never noticed before, like Bobby’s shirt monogrammed with the name “Dick.” (Subtle.) Other catches this time around: the names “Waldo” and “Lydecker” are from the Otto Preminger noir film Laura (hmm!), which starred Gene Tierney as the mysterious title character.david lynch, agent cooper, twin peaks,

Agent Cooper talking about the “pain of a broken heart” and immediately firing a gun may be the most erotic scene ever captured on film. A beautiful, beautiful man. Who can blame Audrey for fantasizing about running away with him to solve mysteries? *shoves Twin Peaks self-insert fanfic back in drawer*

And of course, that is David Lynch himself voicing Cooper’s superior, Gordon Cole. No one sounds more like a David Lynch character than David Lynch.


Hey, Kayleigh, guess who else is named after the movie Laura? 😀 There really is a bunch of procedural business in this episode. They find the one-armed man, Waldo the myna bird, and Leo’s bloody shirt that Bobby planted at Jacques’ apartment. Gotta move some pieces forward.

Leland is pretty jerkish about Sarah’s visions. Uh-oh, there’s trouble between Andy and Lucy. Could it be because Deputy Brennan can’t control his gun? “The problems of our entire society are of a sexual nature.” — Dr. Jacoby Gordon Cole: hooray!

It’s fun to go around TALKING LIKE GORDON COLE SOMETIMES, JUST YELLING ALL YOUR MUNDANE STATEMENTS. Try it sometime when you’re with people you’d like to embarrass!

I like seeing Ben Horne and Catherine Martell enjoying their affair. I mean, they’re enormous jerks for cheating on their spouses and plotting to burn down the mill, but it’s nice to see older people portrayed as having a healthy sex drive without “ew, old people doing it!” as the primary theme of the scene.high school, twin peaks,

The girl’s bathroom at Twin Peaks High is terrifying. The bright red zig-zags on the walls look like one of those heartbeat monitors in a hospital.

Hank is played by veteran character actor Chris Mulkey. On a show packed with “hey, it’s that guy!” actors, he still stands out. I’ve had so many opportunities to yell, “Look, it’s Hank Jennings!” while watching various movies and TV shows over the past 20 years.

I love the random guy who high-fives Hawk outside the convenience store. The high-five is so awkward, just like every time I’ve high-fived anyone ever.

giphyThe llama that interrupts Cooper steals the whole vet office scene.

Somebody get Shelly Johnson into a gun safety course before she blows her head off while trying to act sexy. She and Andy can be gun safety study buddies.

And yeah, I want to sit in on that scene with all the cops in the gun range forever. Rowwrrr. Cooper says women are illogical but has no problem telling everyone about his psychic dreams and visions. “I’m a strong sender. And women cannot be understood!” Somebody needs to explain to Cooper that it’s not an across-the-board thing; he’s a strong sender of sexy, and it makes a lot of women’s brains get sorta fuzzy.


This episode screams of humans verses nature. The opening shot features a large tree leaning towards the Palmer household, and the branches look like claws reaching for their home. The flora and fauna of Twin Peaks consistently behave aggressively towards the townspeople. The hostility is everywhere:“The owls are not what they seem.” A bird attacked Laura Palmer on the night of her death. Josie’s phone conversation with Hank is dominated by taxidermied animals in striking positions. And “there’s a sort of evil out there” in the woods. Even people closely aligned with nature behave maliciously, like Bob the veterinarian. The only counter-example that comes to mind is the Log Lady, who seems to be on good, mutually respectful terms with her log friend. A notable difference between the log and the other forms of nature is that it is neither alive nor dead – it is disconnected from it’s root system but is also not forgotten or set aside. It is domesticated.

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  1. So I don’t own a TV because I only watch television shows on DVD or Netflix, but Twin Peaks makes me want to get a TV so I can watch it on a bigger screen and catch all the little details and such.

  2. I care enormously about Norma and Hank and the Saw Mill! SO MYSTERY. SO MYSTERY.

    Gosh, the colour design is so good. Isn’t it just VIBRANT? Or, fevered, if you like.

    Lynch as Cole overjoys me. Hawk’s poem for his girlfriend overjoys me. Andy’s uncombed hair overjoys me.

    What’s up with these fuckin owwwwwls

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