Mighty Marvel Monday: Is There Even News to Report Anymore

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Can anything be more exciting than last week’s Marvel news? No, it can’t. So apologies in advance for this less-than-earth-shattering Marvel Monday.

Playing into the sexual fantasies of innumerable Tumblr users, Mark Ruffalo talked about the very special bond between Tony and Bruce.

Ultimate Universe Teaser. A: Mark Bagely. Image from Newsarama. Marvel Comics, 2015Is the Ultimate universe ending?! Maybe! Marvel has released a book that says “The End” on it, so there’s a probably a 50% chance that it is. Then again, this teaser image has a “Summer 2015” slapped on the bottom, which has been the hallmark of all the Marvel weird-re-releases of late. Hypothetical question: if there was a guarantee that Miles Morales would continue to exist, would you care about this news?

What will life be like after Wolverine dies? You can find out here! My guess: largely the same, except with less use of the word “bub.”

Come on, Marvel. This is getting ridiculous.

Life After Wolverine #1. W: Loveness, Fialkov, Ogle,et al. A:  Pulido. Marvel Comics 2014.
Mufasa!? Wait, no, Wolverine.

Well, I think we’ve all got Marvel fatigue, so that’s about it for this week. An interesting aside: there has still been no official confirmation that Bennydact Cumblercrabs is Doctor Strange. Curiouser and curiouser.

Ivy Noelle Weir

Ivy Noelle Weir

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