Incredible Indie Tuesdays: Time-Traveling Ladies in Love!

the infinite loop issue one cover, writer Pierrick Collins, artist Elsa Charretier, IDW Publishing 2015The big indie comic news of the week was Rat Queens artist Roc Upchurch’s arrest and subsequent removal from the book.  Check out that post for more detail on the topic, and good on Kurtis Wiebe for taking swift action on it.

A new project that has me pumped is coming off a successful Kickstarter campaign with a six-issue miniseries from IDW Publishing.  The Infinite Loop by Pierrick Colinet and Elsa Charretie follows Teddy, a time-traveling young woman who meets Ano, who happens to be a time paradox AND the girl of her dreams.  A same-sex romance, a female artist, and cover art this good?  Sweet Jesus, I am already lining up outside my comic shop for this one.  

Still exciting (though probably without time-traveling lesbians) is a new Jonathan Hickman and Ryan Bodenheim on-going, The Dying and the Dead,  has been announced with Image coming in January.  It’s a book full of “mystery, intrigue, and exotic end-of life care” though what that last one means is anyone’s guess.  That’ll make three Hickman books out at Image along with East of West, and The Manhattan Projects, each of which are stand-outs from the publisher, so my hopes are high for this one too.

from hell, writer alan moore, artist eddie campbellThere’s some exciting TV news this week!  First up is the news that  a TV series adapting Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell’s From Hell is in development.  If done well, From Hell would make an awesome series, following Detective Abberline as he tries to solve the Jack the Ripper murders, plus oodles of dark conspiracies and ruminations on symbolism and life.  It would have to be GOOD though, and unfortunately, seeing as the producer attached was also involved in the horrible From Hell film adaptation and the even worse League of Extraordinary Gentleman movie, the odds aren’t good.  I’m sure somewhere Alan Moore is shaking his wizard beard angrily at the very idea.

Plus, a Global Frequency TV series is coming and may be for real this time!  An adaptation of the Warren Ellis short-lived series has long been mired in development hell, but now Jerry Bruckheimer’s attached so this might actually stick. The comic isn’t very long–only twelve issues — but they’re all fairly stand-alone stories so the concept could easily be expanded out beyond the original scope.

Catie Coleman

Catie Coleman

Catie is a lawyer by day, comics fan by night (and during the lunch hour). Unsurprisingly, her idol is She-Hulk and can only wish that she could work a purple suit in the courtroom like Shulkie can. She's also into Stephanie Brown, because she has apparently an affinity for characters in purple.

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