Truly, Truly Outrageous- IDW Publishing Announces A Jem and the Holograms Comic

Jem (UK), 1986/1987 by London Editions Magazines (Egmont), Hasbro

In a move certainly related to the upcoming movie, IDW Publishing’s Dick Wood announced a Jem and the Holograms comic at the New York Comic Con. Although the creative team hasn’t been announced yet, the first issue is due for release in April.

Jem and the Holograms, Hasbro, 1986

IDW’s done a fantastic job with their licensed comics in the past (see: Transformers, GI Joe, GhostbustersMy Little Pony) so fans of the 1980’s cartoon should probably expect good things.

Originally one of Hasbro’s animated series associated with a toyline, Jem is about a woman named Jerrica Benton that owns a music company. Jerrica has a secret — she also performs music as Jem with her band the Holograms, disguising herself with the aid of a computer projecting a holographic image over her. The Holograms get into ridiculous shenanigans quite often, usually while conflicting with their rivals the Misfits. (No, not the actual band The Misfits)

Each episode had music videos with full songs created for the show that related to the events of the episode.

Hasbro’s also released new fashion dolls targeted towards collectors within the last few years, in addition to the planned movie and comic series. A new cartoon and toyline targeted towards girls might be a safe thing to predict.

Rachel Stevens

Rachel Stevens

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