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Life Geek! is our bi-weekly lifestyle feature where we offer readers a glimpse into our geeky lives. We got a little behind last week what with all the Halloween preparation and excitement, but we look forward to sharing our Halloween pictures with you in two weeks!

Al Rosenberg, Games Editor

Life Geek, Al dog comicI dogsat this past weekend and had such a lovely time. At the end, I left their owners with this comic I drew of our time together.

Ginnis Tonik, Lifestyle Editor

Life Geek Ginnis bookstoreIt seems like everytime I go to Recyled, my hometown used bookstore in a renovated opera house, the comics section has grown exponentially. I eventually cut my choices down to these three: a global history of comics, a collection of Marvel romance comics from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, and a biography on Charles Schulz. Peanuts was probably the first comic that I fell in love with. Look for future reviews!

Romona Williams, Staff Writer

Life Geek Romona library loveI’m what you might call a library connoisseur. I make checking out all the libraries around me my business, even stopping in on branches in areas on vacation. My area’s system is a network of 37 libraries (not counting their branches), and I’ve been trying out different ones to see which we should make our home base. This delightful picture was framed on the wall of a library visited last week.

Jamie Kingston, Columnist

Life Geek Jamie dragoncon prepWell, as of this writing, we’re at only 315 days until DragonCon 2015. I have already started plotting geeky things to prepare for next year and to just tide me over until I am once more amongst my geeky brethren and sistren.

First: I decorated one of my two con trunks with bumper stickers and printed out stickers from TV Tag. Nyah, nyah, TV Tag: you may have angered your userbase by no longer mailing out low-quality stickers, but I have MOD PODGE and an exacto knife!

The second trunk is going to take a leaf from the old vaudville/Looney Tunes book. Back when travel involved steamer trunks, the trunks were always covered in stickers of all the places its owner visited.  The Spark and I have decided to do the same: except these stickers will be fictional locations. Picture pending.

Second, I am working on a set of homemade nail wraps to turn into Garnet, Amethyst, Sugilite, and Steven/Rose themed manicures. No pictures of that, yet. They’re still in progress.

Life Geek Kelly tatKelly Kanayama, Staff Writer

The tattoos continue! The design of this one was inspired by the aspects of the Morrigan from The Wicked and the Divine — I got the idea after going to the fantastically welcoming Dublin International Comics Expo (DICE). Ravens are hugely symbolic in loads of myth in addition to the Celtic stuff. For instance, in the medieval Welsh epic/romance/genre party Y Mabinogi, the head of the giant Bran, whose name means “raven,” is buried facing the ocean to repel invaders. In the Old Testament, a raven (or a crow, depending on the translation) is the first bird that Noah sends out to try and find land. That’s what tipped the decision for me: I may not know where I’m going, but I hope I’ll have the courage to go anyway.

Sarah Richardson, Staff Writer

Life Geek Sarah chainmailHere’s my cat Phooka with the bit of chainmaille I made last night. My partner and I are dressing up as fantasy barbarians for a barbarian themed dinner next week, and I thought some chainmaille accents hanging off of the armor we’re making would be cool. I’ve never made chainmaille before, but it’s pretty easy if you have the patience. We’ve also never made armor before, so this weekend should be quite the adventure.

Carolina Mello, Staff Writer

Life Geek Carolina pikachu crochet

This week I increased my craft experience by trying a new style of amigurumi (little crochet dolls) with this cute babe Pikachu. The pattern was not designed by me, and is available for free here. It was fun! But I still want to improve it.

Wendy B, Staff Writer

Wendy Browne getting ready for Extra LifeThis is Extra Life week for me. I am busily preparing my play list to get me through 24 hours of gaming goodness. I will be wearing my Extra Life t-shirt from Sick Kids Hospital, but when the stars come up, I’ll most likely be getting snugly in my new Batwoman onesie Pajamas. Because that’s just how I roll. Want to know more about Extra Life’s 24 hour gaming marathon? Check out my post! Better yet, donate, or join so that you can get your game on too. For The Kids.



Ginnis Tonik

Ginnis Tonik

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