The DC Daily Planet: Secret, Secret, Secret TUNNEL — I mean, Six!

Big news this week! Let’s take a moment from stopping volcanoes and unwinding twisters to discuss, caped crusaders.

Popular writer Gail Simone has been teasing a SECRET new project for months:

And now the SECRET (secret secret secret secret secret) is out. DC is launching the new 52’s Secret Six!

Secret Six #1 cover

Fans of Catman and Black Alice everywhere can rejoice: these two are definitely in the lineup. Simone had a phone interview with Hero Complex that teased a few elements to the new story:

It opens with six strangers trapped in a room and unsure how they arrived there.

β€œThey instantly do not like each other, and they instantly do not get along with each other,” Simone said.

So am I, Thomas. So am I.
So am I, Thomas. So am I.

At the heart of the story will be previously-ridiculed Batman villain Catman, whose characterization Simone redeemed so thoroughly that he now has a fairly loyal fan following of his. own. Even better, Simone promises Catman’s bisexuality (never previously expressly stated in canon) will not be written out or glossed over.

Plus, he’ll have a whole new design.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Kara Zor-El, and she’s on her way to a TV near you!

Greg Berlanti, co-creator and executive producer of the hit show Arrow and the upcoming Flash, is mining the DC coffers again. This time, he’s shopping around a Supergirl TV show. I think I speak for us all when I say YES PLEASE I WILL TAKE TEN.

DC’s not just resting on their small screen laurels, though: they’ve recently registered four new domain names, all for possible upcoming films:

I don’t know if I’d bookmark them just yet, though.

Ever get challenged on your nerd cred?

With us Fake Geek Girls, it happens all the time, so it might be helpful to carry one of these limited edition coins around with you to whip out the next time someone starts saying the words “you’re not a real fan.”

Royal-Canadian-Mint-2014-Superman-CoinsSadly, these aren’t actually challenge coins, but they are cool: these coins from the Royal Canadian Mint depict images from four iconic Superman covers. How come the National Treasury hasn’t gotten on this?

That’s it for today’s DC round-up! Do you have thoughts? FEELINGS? Leave ’em in the comments!

Laura Harcourt

Laura Harcourt

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