Terrific TMarvel Tuesday T: All Apologies

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How you feelin’, Marvel kids? Sorry for the delay, my life is in a bit of a transitionary period right now and it makes time management pretty difficult. The editorial staff here at WWAC is very forgiving, so I was only put in the punishment closet for a few minutes!

Image credit: Marvel Comics. Art by Jim Starlin.
Image credit: Marvel Comics. Art by Jim Starlin.


Do you like really big dudes who feature a purple and green color palette? Good news! Jim Starlin is writing a Thanos versus Hulk mini (which will also feature Pip The Troll, hopefully setting him up for major appearances in the MCU. Right?) Please see accompanying image where Hulk looks like, so totally surprised that his shirt busted off, like that doesn’t happen all the time.

Marvel editor in chief Axel Alonso said some real dumb stuff regarding the sexualization of female characters, and how he’s a totally chill guy who definitely isn’t the PC police, but still aware of feminist issues because he has a daughter (which we all know removes any misogynist culpability). Takeaway line from this article, which perfectly encapsulates the resigned attitude of any non-white, non-cis-male comic fan:

“”Even though Marvel won’t stop fully sexualising female characters, it’s good news that they are still working on diversity.”


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Bonus picture of Frank Miller for added grit

Do you want to see a Guardians of the Galaxy anime? Shut up, of course you do! Check out the gams on Star-Lord. Yeeeeeesh.

Andrew Garfield would like you to know that he is not responsible for how terrible Amazing Spider-Man 2 was. It was those meddling “studio execs”! Fight the man, Garfield!

Alright, off to hell, I mean work. I promise, news on Monday next week! Perhaps we will get to hear more about how gritty Daredevil is going to be. How gritty? So gritty, you guys.

Ivy Noelle Weir

Ivy Noelle Weir

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