Month: September 2014

Wired: "Tania Kitchell's "Occupy II: Occupy II are reproductions of alien plant species that have been seen in Arctic regions"

Multifarious: Which Inspires Awe

This photographer: Absolutely stunning photographs of people, places, things. I follow Sasha Arutyunova on Facebook, Instagram, and her website. In an age of constant BuzzFeed articles telling me which “10 Photographs Will Inspire Awe,” and “25 Pictures That Will Take Your Breath Away,” and so on, it’s nice to look at an artist’s work…


Life Geek: 9/18 thru 9/24

Life Geek! is our weekly lifestyle feature where we offer readers a glimpse into our geeky lives. Chelsea Ann, Staff Writer This last weekend was Rose City Comic Con in this fine city of Portland, Oregon. My crew decided to go and represent the Oregon Geekness happening on the Disney Channel right now: Gravity Falls….

Television On Smartphone Stock Image. Stuart Miles, published on 26 September 2012. TV.

WWACTV: When Ardo’s away…

The #WWACTV chat is where the casual TV viewer and the self-professed (or in denial) addict discuss the newest shows and old favourites. Our poor Ardo was feeling under the weather for last night’s #WWACTV chat. With get well wishes for Ardo and cocktail in hand, Megan P. took the reigns. Though she’s not on…