Mighty Marvel Monday: Jeremy Renner In A Knee-Length Coat

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Happy Labor Day to people who live in a geographic/political area that celebrates it! Enjoy not working and reading some Marvel news:

Wolverine is so totally dead for real this time, guys: he won’t be back until 2016!! That is TWO WHOLE YEARS of being dead, which as we all know, is a super long time. It’s not like death is everlasting and all of life is a meaningless race to an eternal void. C’mon.

Image from Newsarama.
Image from Newsarama.

Dan Abnett is writing an Avengers prose novel/Tears For Fears fanfiction entitled Everybody Wants To Rule the World, due out in spring 2015. Because branded novelizations are often so good, you guys.

Community’s Donald Glover will be voicing Miles Morales in the upcoming season of Ultimate Spider-Man for Disney. You might recall that a few years ago, there was some internet rabble-rousing about Glover’s wish to play Spider-Man, so this is actually a Nice Thing.

HEY here is Hawkeye’s new costume for Age of Ultron, which lands somewhere between the ol’ “purple miniskirt” and current “self-referential meta tee-shirt and cargo pants.”

Image from Comics Alliance.
Image from Comics Alliance.

There is a prominent rumour that Joaquin Phoenix will be Doctor Strange, which causes me a lot of personal anguish because I love Joaquin Phoenix but would love to see Marvel put someone other than a white guy in a leading role. What are your thoughts?
Alright, I have important day off stuff to do, like sleep, and…sleep more. Good day to you.

Ivy Noelle Weir

Ivy Noelle Weir

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  1. You’re right that the adapted Marvel prose novels are not that great. (And I never quite figured out who the audience for them was supposed to be.) I wrote a mildly favorable review of the first two at but they went downhill from there.

    However, I thought Abnett’s original Rocket & Groot novel was terrific. It’s a book in the tradition of Douglas Adams. So I have hope for his original Avengers novel.

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