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Wendy, Staff Writer

My eldLife Geek! WendyeLife Geek! Wendyst daughter (9) has been delving into Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and has determined her favourite class to be a mage, just like Mom. A walk through the park netted us some really neat fallen branches that have since been turned into mage staves and wands for her, her younger sister (6), and myself. She’s got a year to go, but she is already planning her black mage birthday party. Step one involved meticulously wrapping the branches in paper toilet dipped in a water and glue solution. Step two: paint, sparkles and streamers!



Romona, Staff Writer

Marvin’s MarvLife Geek! Romonaelous Mechanic Museum is a sweet arcade. It’s a collection of some of the first arcade games along with newer ones, and they’re all playable. There’s also loads of old carnival and magician memorabilia hanging off of every inch of the ceiling. I like coming up with any excuse to make the drive over to Marvin’s, so we went there for me to take photos of it. Pretty flimsy excuse, right? We went, we played the games, rode the rides, and had a blast.


Ginnis, Lifestyle EditorLife Geek! Jenna

I’ve been getting the signs of an oncoming sinus infection so my evenings post-work have been spent binge-watching the latest season of Once Upon a Time on Netflix and crossing my fingers that this will pass and not turn into a full-blown infection. Looking at Captain Hook helps. I think it’s the chest hair.

 Angel, Staff Writer

I’ve begun studying JaLife Geek: Angel Learning Japanesepanese, and while hiragana and katakana have been fairly easy to grasp, I’m not so great at the grammar. That said, I’m getting better at recognizing words and coming up with simple phrases and sentences that I can translate in my head. The last two years of watching Arashi variety shows, dramas, and concerts have definitely helped.





Kelly, Staff Writer

This happened! I got a Spider Jerusalem-style spider on my inside left leg, juLife Geek: Kelly's Spider Tatst above the ankle. In November 2011, I was hit by a car while crossing the street; thankfully, the only damage was a bad break to my left ankle and lower leg, as well as some bad butt bruises. I’d wanted to get some kind of symbol of survival and endurance for a while, and naturally I turned to comics.

Transmetropolitan was the first “grown-up” comic I ever read – i.e. a comic with swearing and boobs in it – and Spider Jerusalem’s bizarre, flawed, yet unwavering pursuit of truth was a major inspiration to me. No matter what the world threw at him, he was still going to complete his mission, and he was still Spider.

Spiders in mythology are also associated with storytelling and creativity; Anansi the spider god is the keeper of stories, and Arachne was a weaver (which in itself supplies a lot of storytelling metaphors: “spinning a yarn,” etc.). Anansi in particular faces down tigers, elephants, and other gods on a regular basis and always comes out on top.

I’m about to start a highly unexpected chapter in my life with my upcoming PhD in comics, and I figured now was the time to go for it.

So here she is: my little spider. It still hurts, but we’re doing all right.

Sarah, Staff Writer

Monday was my partLife Geek: Sarahner’s birthday, and we celebrated over at a friend’s house. We had pizza, played Love Letter (Kanai Factory version), and watched Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! before calling it a night.



Al Rosenberg, Staff Writer

Life Geek! Al

This week I worked, a lot, and went to a LGTBQ Harry Potter party (article about it coming soon) and played Sims 4 for hours (article coming soon) and became OBSESSED with this webcomic:


Have a great weekend! – WWAC

Ginnis Tonik

Ginnis Tonik

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