Day: August 7, 2014

Pouches: The Case For Respect

There I am on the side of a cliff, feeling pretty good. What possessed me to get up there? Pouches. See that belt around my waist? That’s got a pouch on. In fact it’s got two. Sometimes there are more, but that depends on where I’m going, and what for. Pouches are as versatile as your…

Photograph by Ardo Omer. Books. Reading. Thursday Book Beat.

The Thursday Book Beat: Gender and Books

Amazon Has Got Competition in the Form of a Google/Barnes & Noble Team Up Part of Amazon’s appeal is their fast and cheap delivery but it seems like they’re getting some competition in that area in a form of a team up between Google and Barnes & Noble. BN provides the books while Google offers…

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Inaugural Indie Comics Fest in LA

Announced this week, the inaugural Comic Arts Los Angeles festival is a go. Similar to events like the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (CAKE) and Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo (MICE), Comic Arts LA aims to promote community and appreciation for comics, graphic novels, and the like by allowing readers to interact with creators.