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Atari: Game Over


Sharknado iOS gameSharknado game hits the iTunes store

For only $2.99, you can stop sharks from terrorizing New York. Be warned: early reviews have been mixed.

Live Stream Hyrule Warriors

It will be in Japanese, it will be late (1am EST/10pm PST), and there’s no guarantee what they’ll show, but if you want to be in the know, check out Nintendo’s live stream showcasing Hyrule Warriorsa hack and slash Zelda spinoff game.

Will EA Access be the Netflix of games?

Launching to a limited number of beta members for Xbox One, EA Access will offer access to The Vaulta collection of Xbox One games ready to download and playfor a monthly fee.

Card preview for King of New York

IELLO, makers of the popular tabletop game King of Tokyo, are gearing up for the fall release of King of New York. The preview is ok, just enough to whet the palate.

Atari: Game Over documentary trailer

The first trailer has been released documenting what happened to the video game industry in the ’80s when Atari was doing so well.

Atari: Game Over

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