Classic Nerd Movie Club

barbarella banner, jane fonda

This month marks WWAC’s first Classic Nerd Movie Club meeting! Once a month, we will don our black cloaks, meet under cover of night, and select one film to rule them all (for the month). To join the fun, all you must do is pop the flick on at the designated timewhether through Netflix, Amazon Prime, your VCR, or something else entirelyand join our livetweet about said flick. It’s a great opportunity to catch up on classics you haven’t seen yet or to relive the greats.

Our first selection is none other than Barbarella. I haven’t seen this movie yet. From what I understand, it’s something about space sex? However, my two cohorts have seen it, and a mini review will be posted the week before the meeting to draw you in.barbarella poster, livetweet session will be on Wednesday, July 30th at 8 pm EST with hashtag #WWACNerdMovie. Barbarella is available on both Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Romona Williams

Romona Williams

Romona Williams is an ex-librarian, current tutor, and constant writer. She can usually be found in antiquarian bookstores, curiosity shops, and carnivals after dark.