Day: July 28, 2014

Henna. Photograph by Ardo Omer. 2014.

I’m Loving: Eid Mubarak! It’s Henna Time!

Hello All, Today is Eid (Eid Mubarak!) and I’m writing from the past because I’ll be having too much fun while this goes up (Brunch! Bowling! Lucy!). There are two Eids a year for muslims; this one is called Eid al-Fitr and marks the end of Ramadan. That’s thirty days of fasting (no food or water from…

Banner: Chikara faces July 2014,

Word Life, This Is Basic CHIKARA…nomics?

Editor’s note: Hey there reader! A lot of people are still pushing “nerdy” and “sporty” as opposite ends of some sort of binary spectrum. WWAC isn’t on board with that! Following our successful archery spotlight, and preceding an upcoming set of #WWACWARRIORS staff stories, I want to bring you in easy: somewhere that nerds do…