Interview from Todd Boyce

Jeffrey Baldwin Memorial Indiegogo, statue sketch, R Abernathy

Yesterday we reported that DC Entertainment declined the request of Todd Boyce to use Superman’s shield in a statue to honour murdered Toronto child, Jeffrey Baldwin. This morning, CBC radio host Matt Galloway spoke to Boyce on Metro Morning about the campaign, his dealings with DC, and how his plans have changed as a result of DC’s decision.

In the segment, which runs six minutes and twenty-seven seconds, Boyce says that he holds no will will towards DC Entertainment and understood that they were concerned about their brand being associated with child abuse. The artist, Ruth Abernathy, has already changed her plans. Jeffrey will appear in his Superman costume, but rather than wearing the S shield on his chest, he’ll have a J. Boyce says that while he initially worried it would weaken a powerful image, he now feels the statue will be even more powerful: Jeffrey will be depicted as having become his own superhero.

You can listen to the full interview here.

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