Kickstarter of the Week: Curvy Cosplay

Curvy cosplay website logo

For its small $2000 goal, Curvy Cosplay has big ambition: create patterns and costumes for all bodies as “No matter how beloved the character, and no matter how faithful the reproduction, the truth is that movie actresses do not have DD breasts nor the real life curves that make us all unique and beautiful.”

The project was started by Whitney Pritchard who creates standard size and personalized costume patterns as well as costumes. Now she’s looking to open an online store, using the funds from the Kickstarter to purchase equipment.

One of the things that’s noticeably missing from the campaign is photos or designs of Whitney’s previous work, but there are a few costume analysis posts on the Curvy Cosplay website.

Backer rewards include a standard size PDF pattern at the $5 level, a personalized sloper pattern that helps you adjust commercial patterns at $15 or a custom made costume at the $500 level. Most intriguing to me is the all standard patterns for life option at the $50 backer reward level.

Fight those angry online trolls who think people have to be one size to have fun and encourage more body types in cosplay. If that statement makes you happy, consider backing this project. With only a few days left, your dollars could really make a difference.

Brenda Noiseux

Brenda Noiseux

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