Incredible Indie Tuesday: Web Comics Galore!

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Poorcraft by C. Spike Trotman 2013 Smut Peddler Creator’s Comic Poorcraft to be Serialized as Free Webcomic C. Spike Trotman, the creator behind big Kickstarter successes SmutPeddler and Sleep of Reason, has just started serializing her book Poorcraft as a webcomic.  Poorcraft is all about the tricks to getting by on a low income and has lots of practical advice for those out there making less than a living wage.  Awesome to see a book that’s for low-income folk be serialized for free, but if you have a few bucks to send her way the completed book is up at her site and on Comixology.


Cover of High Crimes #1 by Ibrahim Moustafa
Cover of High Crimes #1 by Ibrahim Moustafa

Hooray!  Complete High Crimes collection to come to print in 2015 High Crimes, a high-altitude crime series set in and around Mount Everest, is one of the best comics out right now, but so far it’s been digital-only available on Comixology from Monkeybrain Press.  So it’s exciting to see that Dark Horse will be collecting all 12 issues in a single volume in 2015 for all those print readers to enjoy the high-altitude thriller.  Creators Christopher Sebela and Ibrahim Moustafa have been doing great work on this book, so it’s nice to see them getting more buzz with a recent Eisner nomination and now a print collection.  (P.S. the first issue is free on Comixology right now!)

Raina Telgemeir’s New Graphic Novel Gets Huge 200,000 Initial Print Run  It seems only in comics can a book with an initial print run of 200,000 go under the radar.  Hugely successful with young readers but not making much noise with comic journalists, Raina Telgemeier’s previous all-ages work Smile spent 50 weeks on top of the New York Times bestseller list and won an Eisner for Best Teen Publication in 2011.  Now her new book Sisters will have an enormous initial print run for its late summer 2014 release.  Her publisher Scholastic is clearly expecting some more time on top of that bestseller list.

Doomboy by Tony Sandoval (2012)Magnetic Press to Publish French Comic Doomboy in English  There’s a whole world of wonderful comics out there, just waiting to be translated and brought to English-speaking audiences, and now Magnetic Press has announced it will be publishing Doomboy by Tony Sandoval available this September.  Originally published in French and an official selection at the 2012 Festival d’Angouleme, Doomboy is a story of a young man who plays metal music to his girlfriend in the afterlife, not realizing other people could hear it too.  The concept’s a little strange, but the art is gorgeous with a delicate otherworldy quality that fits the slightly dreamy premise.  It’s great to see lauded European comics being translated into English, and hopefully Doomboy will find its audience here.  

Comics Projects on Kickstarter See Continued Success, Nearly 50% Success Rate  Crowd-funding continues to be a place to get some of the most kickass, unique projects available in comics, and interest in them continues to grow.  It’s the fourth-most successful category on Kickstarter (following dance, theater and music respectively) with over 2,500 successful campaigns.  Publisher’s Weekly looks at the different ways comics creators use Kickstarter and why it’s more successful than crowd-funding traditional publications like prose.  As we showcase in our Kickstarter of the Week feature, there are great new projects launching every week, and books that might not ever be published otherwise are finally getting made.

And some creator interviews!  

Amelia Cole and the Unknown World #1 by Nick Brockenshire (2012)Artist of Amelia Cole, Nick Brockenshire, talks about bringing the fantasy to life in his successful series published by Monkeybrain Comics  Amelia Cole is a fun series coming out now, available both digitally in print, that manages to combine high adventure and magic with real-world sensibilities.

Ian Edgington on his upcoming series Brass Sun 
This story was originally serialized in 2000 AD and is drawn by the insanely talented INJ Culbard, so it’s great to see it getting an American release.

Chicacabra by Tom Beland (2014)


Cartoonist Tom Beland on his upcoming horror story Chicacabra In what is surely the most adorable-looking horror comic of the past decade, Chicacabra follows a Puerto Rican girl named Isabel, who has to cope with having a ravenous demon of death inside her.  Beland discusses with CBR how his depression plays into the book and why fiction is harder than autobiographical comics.

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