Day: June 25, 2014

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Review: Pregnant Butch

Pregnant Butch A. K. Summers (W) (A) Soft Skull Press Pregnancy. The word alone is painful to look at. Bringing a new life into the world is no joke, but A. K. Summers’ Pregnant Butch brings a fresh perspective and some laughs to the whole ordeal/gift/whatever-you-feel-like-calling-it. Her story touches on experiences shared by almost all…

Chimpanzee Complex, Cinebook, 2012, Richard Marazano, Jean-Michel Ponzio

The Chimpanzee Complex Reviewed: Intrigue, Love, & Rockets

The Chimpanzee Complex, volume 1: Paradox Richard Marazano & Jean-Michel Ponzio Cinebook Here’s a closer look at Helen Friedman, Floridian, NASA’s best astronaut in 2035, and protagonist of The Chimpanzee Complex, a bande-dessinee written by Richard Marazano, illustrated by Jean-Michel Ponzio, and published by Dargaud (French) before Cinebook (English): This is a space comic: a comic about astronauts, and exploration, and mystery,…

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Get Your Game On Wednesday

GoT fan creates a 3D printed Cyvasse-inspired game You know you’ve always wanted a way to blend your love of Game of Thrones with your gaming. Thank Michael Le Page for creating this version, complete with a set of rules and available for printing from Shapeways. Online gamers help female gamer during armed home invasion…