You could be in Star Wars Episode VII

Crowdfunding for charity isn’t new to the geek world. Humble Bundle offers games, comics and book bundles for charity and individual celebrities like Nathan Fillion have sponsored campaigns to bring wells to people in need. This week, Stars Wars: Force for Change brought it to a whole new level.

As part of the new Star Wars: Force for Change charitable initiative, Disney and Lucasfilm are teaming up to help raise money and awareness for UNICEF’s Innovation Labs. From their site, “Star Wars: Force for Change wants to create a brighter tomorrow for thousands of kids and families around the world. With your help and creativity we can develop innovative solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges.” To kick it off, they’ve created the You Could Be in Star Wars™: Episode VII campaign over at Omaze. The highlight of the campaign is the chance to be in the movie. A donation at each level gets the donor a certain number of entries.

Similar to other crowdfunding campaigns, there are different perks at the various donation levels. A $10 donation gets you one entry into the contest, a $100 donation gets you 10 entries and a tshirt and if you have an extra $50,000 lying around you could find yourself with 5,000 entries and an advanced private screening.

Brenda Noiseux

Brenda Noiseux

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