Webcomics: In loving memory

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Caroline of C.Ulture Shocked

I discovered the wonderful world of webcomics over a decade ago thanks to my best friend and internet Big Sis, Selena Ulrich. She introduced me to the likes of Cool Cat Studio and Sinfest. Along with Livejournal, webcomics became an integral part of getting through those slow work days.

And webcomics never meant more to me than when Selena decided to overcome her insecurities, and tough through her debilitating illness, to bring her special brand of snark to the internet with C.Ulture Shocked.


Carolyn Ulture is a young British woman who moves to America and discovers that all the movie and media cliches are more than true. From serial killers stalking the streets, to sweet little old ladies running drug cartels, to monsters in her refrigerator, Carolyn takes it all in stride.

It was hard not to see Selena within Carolyn’s demeanour and sense of humour.  And Carolyn represented the ideal Selena wished for, though her physical ailments would not let her obtain them. In spite of this, Selena was always a force of positive energy and encouragement for all of her friends. And she remained positive, right up to her last trip to the hospital.

Webcomics mean a lot of things to a lot of people. For me, they mean Selena.

Wendy Browne

Wendy Browne

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