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Feature image, Weird Tales of the Future, public domain, Key Publications, March 1952

June is full of cool new releases in all age comic books and regular ole books. Take a look.

Garfield Issue #26Garfield Issue 26, Jim David, KaBoom studios, Mark Evanier, Andy Hirsch

Writer Mark Evanier

Artist Andy Hirsch

KaBOOM Studios

Out on 6/4

The artwork for Garfield is becoming slightly experimental (read: occasionally different from the 36 year old formula). This new approach is breathing a little bit of life back into the comic. It’s as though KaBOOM saw Garfield Minus Garfield and realized it was time to switch things up. Take a peek at the updated Garfield and you might be pleasantly surprised.

Batman ‘66 Meets the Green Hornet Issue #1

Writer Ralph Garman and Kevin Smith

Artist Ty Templeton

DC Comics

Out on 6/4

Batman and Robin partner up with The Green Hornet and Kato to take on General Gumm. The general must be planning an especially dastardly crime to get these rivals to team up.

Tiny Titans: Return to the Treehouse Issue #1

Writers Art Baltazar and Franco

Artist Art Baltazar

DC Comics

Out on 6/4

This issue kicks off a six-issue miniseries about a missing treehouse. Specifically, Superboy and Supergirl’s missing treehouse. A simple premise for adorableness and laughs from Art Baltazar and Franco, the guys behind Itty Bitty Hellboy.

Push (The Game: Book 2)

Author Eve Silver

Katherine Tegen Books

Out on 6/10

The Game series is similar to The Hunger Games (you can’t walk two feet in a bookstore without something like The Hunger Games these days), but this time teenagers are pulled into an alternate reality where they’re forced to fight aliens. Part of the mystery will be revealed in this fast-paced sequel. Book three will be out in 2015.

Bee and Puppycat Issue #2Bee and Puppycat, KaBoom studios, Natasha Allegri, Garrett Jackson

Writers Natasha Allegri and Garrett Jackson

Artist Natasha Allegri

KaBOOM Studios

Out on 6/11

Bee and Puppycat is a new comic book series based off the animated show of the same name. The first issue has completely sold out at the distributor level and is headed for a second printing to keep up with demand. This is an eye-catching, experimental comic chock full of cuteness, temp jobs, and Puppycat (an animal that is either an adorable dog the size of a cat or a pudgy cat the size of a dog. Either way, I want to see more of it. Lots more.).

The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains: A Tale of Travel and Darkness with Pictures of All KindsThe Truth is a cave in the black mountains, neil gaiman, eddie campbell, William Morrow

Author Neil Gaiman

Illustrator Eddie Campbell

William Morrow

Out on 6/17

This is a re-release of Neil Gaiman’s novelette, but this time it’s accompanied by gorgeous, four-color illustrations by the renowned Eddie Campbell. It’s also our first selection for the All Ages Summer Book Club! Do not miss this one.

Scribblenauts Unmasked: A Crisis of Imagination Issue #6

Writer Josh Elder

Artist Adam Archer

DC Comics

Out on 6/18

Superman and Maxwell find new partners to battle against General Zod while the rest of their team are trapped in the Phantom Zone. Scribblenauts Unmasked is always cute and clever; a fine addition to any pull list.

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s LibraryEscape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library, Chris Grabenstein. Yearling

Author Chris Grabenstein


Out on 6/24

A dozen sixth-graders struggle to puzzle their way out of Luigi Lemoncello’s mysterious library. Mr. Lemoncello is written in the spirit of Willy Wonka and the library is much like the Chocolate Factory. This fantasy will thrill readers old and young.

Legends of Oz: Tik Tok

Writer: Rob Anderson

Artist: Rei Renato

Big Dog Ink

Out on 6/25

Out just in time for the hundredth anniversary of the publication of Tik Tok of Oz,  this is a three issue extension of Legend of Oz: The Wicked West. A small and unique addition to your comic book collection.

Romona Williams

Romona Williams

Romona Williams is an ex-librarian, current tutor, and constant writer. She can usually be found in antiquarian bookstores, curiosity shops, and carnivals after dark.