News & Things: Who Watches The Watcher…Or Whatever


Marvel’s “Original Sin” Teasers Ask The Big Questions

Original-Sin-teaser-4-who-will-watchMarvel’s latest event, Original Sin, deals with the death of the Marvel U’s resident creeper/giant weird baby person, The Watcher (just kiddin’, love ya, Big U!) and its subsequent fallout. This event’s been getting a crazy amount of hype and actually looks to be pretty interesting — click that link for some of Newsarama’s theories on what the answers to these questions could be

Marvel Apparently Has Movies Planned Until 2028

Spin-offs galore seem to be in the works. Groot solo flick. I’m calling it now. Posts Every Spoiler…Ever.

WARNING: Spoilers.




Kelly Sue DeConnick & Kate Leth discuss ECCC’s Carol Corps Meet Up

Emerald City Comic Con looked like a straight up awesome time. Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel writers Kelly Sue DeConnick and G. Willow Wilson held a meet up for those involved in the Carol Corps — Captain Marvel superfans! In this wrap-up, Kelly Sue and Kate Leth of Kate or Die recap the experience and talk about the importance of safe spaces in comics.

And finally…

Superman makes a cameo in Gravity thanks to this fan-made video:


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