Day: April 17, 2014

News & Things: Things (Not News) Thursday

XX-Men: The Failures of Brian Wood’s All-Woman X-Men Osvalda Oyola writes, There is no effort in this “new” series to establish the characters, but even worse there is no effort to establish or explain why this particular iteration of X-Men…X-Women…exists. It seems like these characters just happen to be the ones who are around when…

TW: Bryan Singer Accused of 1999 Rape and Assault

TW: Graphic descriptions of rape, assault, and child exploitation. A lawsuit filed Wednesday alleges that X-Men director Bryan Singer, along with convicted sex offender Marc Collins-Rector, physically and sexually abused a teenage boy over a period of time in 1999, in Los Angeles and Hawaii. Firearms, drugs, and alcohol are said to have been involved. Collins-Rector…