Wonder Woman Travels Light, Superman Travels Light Speed With Lots of Suitcases

Urban Barbarian made this really awesome picture of steampunk Wonder Woman in the Best Hat Ever, accompanied by steampunk Superman hoisting all of his luggage on one hand.

With a coy glance over her shoulder, a dismissive hand gesture, and the tilt of her head — upon which is perched the oh-so-jaunty-hat — Wonder Woman is clearly like “Are you going to hurry up with all that stuff or do I have to be fabulous for both of us?”

Some people in the comments on the artist’s DeviantArt page seem to think that Superman is toting Wonder Woman’s luggage, but we already know that she travels light.

The only thing she brings to the United States in her invisible plane is on a gurney:

The ultimate backpacker, she carries everything she needs on her person – lasso of truth, bullet-proof bracelets, sweet tiara – and really only carries around one thing: Steve Trevor:

Granted, she does go window shopping, but when she does that, it’s merely to comment on how unnecessary most of the stuff is (and get called a hussy):

In fact, the first outfit she acquires in the U.S. other than the red-white-and-blue one is a not-very-elaborate disguise that she buys off of Diana Prince (glasses and nursing credentials included):

On the other hand, Superman brought an entire space ship with him. Who knows what was in that thing? (Answer varies depending on the version of Superman that you believe in the most strongly.)

Not to mention the guy like freaked out and almost destroyed the Kent’s house when he found out that he was adopted.

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I guess you would have abandonment issues, too, if your dying parents sent you as the last survivor of their species in a rocket ship to Earth. Talk about baggage!

With the suits he has to wear as Clark Kent, plus the skin-tight full-body suit and the cape and So Many Feels, Superman has got a lot to lug around.

Luckily, he is super-strong, so he can carry all of his own stuff and still pick people up, too, because Equal Opportunity:

I know I’m lazy for doing a Google image search, but why are all of these pictures of Lois getting fat or dead?

Until next time, fearless readers.

Amanda Murphyao

Amanda Murphyao

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