Awesome Awards: Winners!

Voting has concluded and the results are in–here are your winners . Remember, the 2013 Awesome Awards were nominated  and voted by you. And you guys have good taste.

Cartoonist — Noelle Stevenson

Creator of Nimona and the upcoming Lumberjanes, you can find some of her other comics here.


Colourist — Jordie Bellaire

Jordie is currently working on Pretty Deadly (also nominated this year!) and the upcoming Three. Find her on Tumblr here.

pretty deadly

Penciller — Fiona Staples

Thanks to her work on Saga, Fiona is a rising star in the business–she’s already being hailed as one of the best.

fiona staples saga1

Writer — Kelly Sue Deconnick

Between Captain Marvel and Pretty Deadly, Kelly Sue has had a great year. And it looks like 2014 is going to be even better.

captain marvel

Original Graphic Novel — Look Straight Ahead, by Elaine M Wills

Look Straight Ahead is a self-published, critically acclaimed comic about mental illness. It was first published online, but is now available in print. If you haven’t read it already, get on that.

look straight ahead

Ongoing Webcomic — Nimona, by Noelle Stevenson

Noelle is your favourite cartoonist, putting out your favourite webcomic! Shapeshifter, lover of explosives, and hard-headed sidekick, the eponymous Nimona assists Lord Ballister Blackheart expose the evil that good men do.


Ongoing Print Comic — Saga, by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples

saga cover 2

Publisher — Image Comics

Image had a good year. Oh man. As a reminder, here are just a few of the books they published in 2013: Chew, Manhattan Projects, Walking Dead, Pretty Deadly, Mind the Gap, Fatale, Prophet, Revival, and Saga.

Website/Blog — Escher Girls

Escher Girls, if you didn’t know, is a Tumblog devoted to weird and terrible depictions of women in comics, games, and more. Blogger Ami Angelwings issues snarky takedown after takedown, and offers thoughtful commentary on sexism, race, and geek culture.

Hashtag/Social Media Event — Suey Park’s #notyourasiansidekick

Suey Park is a social justice activist and journalist. In 2013 she started the hashtag  #notyourasiansidekick and it immediately took off. The hashtag debunked racist stereotypes about Asian people and put their voices at the center of the conversation.

Feminist Ally — Paul Cornell

Paul Cornell is a British TV and comics writer and novelist. He’s also a longtime feminist ally, who uses his platform to spread awareness and challenge the entertainment industry. In 2012 he announced that he would no longer appear on convention panels that failed to have a 50:50 gender split. And in 2013 he kept up that work, blogging and tweeting regularly about feminist and social justice issues.

Geek Feminist — Sam Maggs

Sam Maggs is a writer, host, cosplayer, and videomaker. She appears on MTV, Space, and all your favourite geek culture sites. In 2013, she became weekend editor at Geekosystem, launched the hilarious gaming vlog c_ntrollers with co-host Soha E, and showed no fear in speaking up about problematic aspects of geek culture.

She is your Awesome Geek Feminist of the Year! *confetti*

Megan Purdy

Megan Purdy

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